potpourri 5

Been a while since I did had random arbit stuff going on in my mind to mash a potpourri together, so here goes

1. Chiru’s daughter eloped. Once you get over the sadness of the situation, you can laugh merrily on the various nincompoop, dumb 19 year olds do just outa spite. Okay, I’ve been there and done a few stupid stuff myself, but this was spectacularly winning the Oscar for bad daughter gone even cuckoo.  Yeah, am judgemental when it comes to irrational acts. I mean, for crying out loud, she’s frikkin 19. Why marriage? Doesn’t make sense. But then again, 4 years ago, a dear fav cousin of mine, a smashingly gorgeous dancer, favorite of all known grandmas/aunts and uncles, eloped same Arya Samaj style with her boyfriend of 7 years. She must’ve been 13 when she met him.

13yrs. 19yrs. Is it me or there are some really astonshingly young females with no ambition and drive in life out there? Whatever. Anyways, here’s a video if you care or understand telugu.

2. Son’s off on a camping trip at 7 am tomorrow. He has not seen 7 am for a while, am wondering what kind of drastic measures I need to take to get him to move. Apart from that, he will be on his own for 30 hours flat with a bunch o 11 year olds and 3 dads. He seems all geared up and raring to go, at least boyscouts seem to be teaching him some life skills. Brownie points to me. All the way. For getting him into the troop against husband’s wishes.

3. Munchkin knows all her alphabets, numbers, shapes [yes, she knows the shape of the STOP sign too!] colors, and a bunch o’ rhymes. No thanks to me at all. Her Spanish is growing by leaps and bounds, and all she knows in telugu is “nee talakaya” – I take all the credit for that.
And oh, she choreographed her own little 6 steps for Bhool Bhulaiyya’s Hare Ram, Hare krsna chorus line. Nice too. So decided I’d slap an orange kurta on her and step her up on stage as an ISKCON femme. That should do. If diva consents that is.

4. Daughter created such a racket this morning coz she wanted help in choosing what to wear. Like I help and she’d take it?! Nope, no one’s getting married nor is she going to the prom, but it’s just a portrait/picture day at school. Yeah. After a brief fighting-yelling frenzy, I said ‘you look fine just the way you are’ to which she rolled her eyes, and walked off.

5. Lots of houses to skip to this evening and weekend. Golu scene is in full swing, I had to refuse a lady’s invite as she lives on the other end of the parkway. Sundal collection should be decent. ;-)

6. Yesterday our team at work acted like ’twas Christmas. We got to lay hands on some data we’ve been waiting for awhile. The rest of the girls thought we were high or something. I know, sorta nerdy, but who cares. If numbers tick you, then numbers it is.

Happy Navratri and Vijayadasami to all. Eat and enjoy :-)


27 thoughts on “potpourri 5

  1. LOL! Chiru’s daughter’s wedding was what I was reading about. BUT everything aside, WTH kinda hairstyle is that???? I mean I feel oober-chic right about NOW!


  2. 1.Chiru- I know I am being mean, but either that’s a really bad picture, or someone got hit with the you-know-what stick [evil grin]

    2.Scouts- cold water should do the trick. Also, I am sure he will have a new appreciation for mom’s food after 30 hours of baked beans (unless the scouts are going gourmet these days)

    5.Let us know the final chundal tally: black vs. white vs. peanut


  3. I complete disagree with you when you say that some girl “Chiru” does not have the ambition in life when she eloped at an age of 19.

    Do you think, working at a desk in front of a computer screen, for 8 hours a day, for the next 40 years is amibition enough to not seek the “lowe” of your life?

    I think Chiru had the “balls” the go for her goal! Everyone is going to think Chiru acted very immaturely, but you know what? she had something in her life which meant to her much more than all the mundane things in life which we think are important for our everyday sustenance.

    Bring it on Rads! I am in mood for some hot rebuttal! :D

  4. Whatever floats their boat really….running away to get married at 19 is silly in my opinion as well…but from what I have read, both sets of parents were against it and they sought the media’s help on more than one occasion as she was getting threats or something. So I have heard :D

    Yay to the son doing Boy Scouts – my brother is 12 and while he plays cricket and tennis, he is soooo lazy lol.

  5. Yes there are many women with no “career” ambitions- as I would put it. Maybe their ambition is to get married ASAP and have 2-3 kids. Well if that’s what makes them happy, then who am I to care, right? Hehe. One of my cousins got married at 19; full filmi style- to her bf of 2 years or something. They were neighbors. My uncle opposed the marriage a lot because of some caste issues. Then came the mother of all threats- “I will commit suicide if you don’t get me married to him. Luckily, it worked for her :| She’s only 27, and the mother of two kids who are 8 and 4? And boy, is she bored with her life…

  6. Brownie points to me. All the way. For getting him into the troop against husband’s wishes.

    And why not? Are you kidding me? Boyscouts rock. If only everyone had been in Boyscouts when they were growing up, half of the search and rescue and assorted stupidity would not be necessary. And less stupid people would die because they went hoola-hoopin’ and didn’t know the basic survival skills.

  7. @ The kid:

    Rads is correct. I think this whole ‘love’ thing is heavily overrated. If there were no media there would be no ‘love’, as it is percieved today. All this coochie-cooing in theatres, parks, are ideas sold to you by movies and books. I know girls who really think there are guys like the strong, silent ranchers they read about in Mills and Boons.

    Companionship is the important thing and I think when you are 19 you would need to look up the dictionary to know the meaning.

  8. Rads… I’m fully with u when u being judgemental abt Chiru’s daughter… One word sums itup all.. Worthless

    Sundal season.. I’m missing it. jSt nw spoke to my mom… she is too busy in preparation… I’m probably going to search for Sundal homes here in Canada 2maro.

  9. Nice to see that many people disagree with me :D

    As the story goes, Chiranjeevi had his daughter in a state of house arrest because he did not like her seeing this guy. Motivated by caste based inequalities, both the parents opposed to their union.
    She was even stopped from attending classes for her “chartered accountancy” program.

    Now, you might think that Chiranjeevi knows best because he is such a successful person… but the kids stood their ground. It is a pleasure to see how young blood finally breaks open the barriers of supposedly “age-old” wisdom.

    Regarding early marriage age, 19 looks early these days, because it is norm to marry in the late twenties. People get married in their late twenties because they have stuff to do for their sustenance, get degree, get a job, start their career. People do not have time for companionship during their primes, because they are busy sweating over bread and butter.

    I know plenty of people who got married when they were 19 and 20 and had kids by the age of 23 or 24. They are the happy ones. The ones who did the thing when their body and minds were ready for each other. Not in the late 20s or even later.

    Just because we think we are taking the best choices does not mean everyone else is stupid or worthless or idiots or immature. It called “prejudice”. This is what religious intolerants do too.. they think their religion is the best and everyone else’s is stupid.

  10. I believe that there is no equal for mother tongue. Guess you must teach her to think and talk fluently in telegu…and transalte all other language to telegu in her mind…that will be a very intelligent person…

    and its all men’s day out for ur son…dont worry we guys can manage it for a while…

    hate that chiru’s daughter..what a disgrace…

    will update u on my house’s golu fotos later.. happy vijayadasami..and belated saraswathi pooja wishes to u and ur kids,…

  11. ummmmmmm u know some are content getting married and letting life take course. just cause a few like ot work and do something does not mean that we can judge other’s decision to get married early or late..

    and not to say gettin married is an easy decsion… making a marriage work is a full time job in itself whch im sure ud agree with me on..

  12. Since I’m a kid myself (what ??? 24 qualifies, doesn’t it ???), my life is much quieter !

    That said, I will probably have kids in the future and will happily be blogging about them – great subject ! :lol:

    Being the lastest addition to my blogroll, I tagged you with a food related-meme:

    Have you eaten yet ? : http://correresmidestino.com/archives/120

    frankly, I think your previous post inspired me… :lol:

    Anyway, I know some Bloggers don’t like memes so feel no pressure – it’s just for fun ! ;-)

  13. Zhu: Sounds like a fun one. Can get quite creative with the meme, will give it a shot in a bit. :)
    Thanks for the roll! :)

    Lakshmi: hehe, yea. That he does. :)

    KC: You’re kidding me right? You know what that means dont you?
    ok, well, it means “I am so cute” :P

    Baliga: Pls tell me you are playing devil’s advocate? :)
    I thought I put a disclaimer in about ‘judging’ – but sure, I see what you are saying, just doesn’t seem to cut it in this day and age. Plan to do a post on it…

    Giri: Yes, I know, am bad. *sigh
    Pls do, I love seeing golu pics. :)

    Pratap: Agree on a couple of things, but a post follows so we can do talk more there :)

    CM-Chap: Hope you found some sundal, illati, just open phone book, and scroll for Iyer, or Krishnamurthy, or Panchapakesan. Call them up and land – am sure they’d be more than happy to make some sundal for you. I know one such guy landed at our place a few years ago like that. Was fun and endearing in a way :)

    Dushti: Nee paduviya? Alright! So when you posting a clip? I shall call you for my virtual golu ;)

    Metlin: Knew you’d pick up on the scouts. He had so much fun and he’s already chipping in at home. ..and he wants to go for more such overnight camps. Yay! :)

    Ruhi, silvara, Kiddo: I hear y’all. Shall write again :)

    BPSK: That so wasn’t him! Chiranjeevi is so much better looking! :O
    It was black sundal all the way :(

    Pavan: lol, yeah. I had a major crush on Uday Kiran. Kinda sad how his career went downhill..

    Altoid: God bless you for focusing on more important things. Seriously, those bangs were like 80’s gone bad. :|
    Yes yes, u do, I actually like the way you wear it ;)

  14. i thought that (chiranjeevi’s daughter issue) was stupid too. I mean what the hell, im 24 and im not yet in love :(

    we once did camping too. we chose the wrong camp ground. Just as we were wondering why everyone else was camping in their RV’s and not the cloth tents, a strong wind blew our tents away. Then we went and slept at the usual motel.

  15. Maverick: You’re kidding about the relationship between age and love right? Coz either has nothing to do with the other.

    lol@camping experience. We all live and learn. :)

  16. Don’t know why all the fuss about chiru daughter eloping… If anything it provided some entertainment… “dumb 19 year olds do just outa spite”… You will be surprised to see those irrational acts are not reserved for dumb 19 year olds alone…

    Sundal is all that comes to my mind when I think of Golu. Sigh!

  17. rads:

    “Hope you found some sundal, illati, just open phone book, and scroll for Iyer, or Krishnamurthy, or Panchapakesan. Call them up and land – am sure they’d be more than happy to make some sundal for you.”

    if the “Panchapakesan”s live up to their name, they’ll serve ‘honey roasted sundal’ and ‘low sodium sundal’ in addition to the ‘standard’ black, white and peanut varieties. ;-)

    – s.b.

  18. Nova: Yes, my life is full of such reads :D

    Mav: I do. I empathize. But seriously, I mean, for example I can fall in love tomorrow. And am far from 24. Frankly, there really isn’t any co-relation between age and ‘love’ :)
    Dating is a whole different game.

    SB: :D

    Leo: Right on! :)

  19. agreeing with pratap and the kid. ambition is not only abt a job. its abt what you want your life to hold. and if she wanted the guy.. and vice versa, good for them. it doesnt in any way stop them from having careers and being successful at those either. enjoyed your writing style.

  20. MM: it doesnt in any way stop them from having careers and being successful at those either
    Not contending that line at all – just that you’ve added more baggage on than otherwise. Some handle it well, some don’t.

    Thanks! :)

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