“story” of my life:

Place: Family Room
Time and Day: Sunday morning 10 am

I am feverishly searching the net for the perfect recipe to try out the slow-cooker I bought a week ago. I’d stumbled upon this humorous, engaging thread on some hub on slow-cooking experiments gone bad, and was oblivious to the daughter and munchkin’s conversation behind me while they work at the Wii. Until

Daughter: Mom. Mom. MOM!

Me: eh, yea, what?

Daughter: Munchkin wants to play tennis with someone.

Me: Ok, play.

Daughter: Yeah, but she wants to win.

Me: o, that’s nice..[still paying minimal attention]

Daughter: So can you play then?



28 thoughts on ““story” of my life:

  1. Hard to figure out what is worse, right? The fact that you can’t beat a 3-year old or the utter lack of malice in her statement? Your utter ineptness or the fact that the whole world knows about it. :-)


  2. KC: :)

    BPSK: I could say more, but I am gonna stop with “I am gonna let this one go” :)

    Cyd: Yes, acquired it kinda late acc to the tweens at least.

    SK: :)

    Pilgrim: Ah well :)

    All: None of you are parents right? Coz for a mom/dad to “lose” to their child is a mark of achievement. It’s a medal I’d wear proud. Isn’t that the whole point of progress we’d see in future generations anyway?

  3. Growing up, Dad and I used to play chess very regularly (i.e. almost on a daily basis) until about high school.

    I still remember the first time I beat my Dad at chess. It was a wow moment for both of us! :)

  4. rads:

    sign me up, not for tennis but for chess (and the result is for me, not your munchkin). but yes, i want to play munchkin.

    from my online results (after midnight) last night, i think that the only way i can garner a win is by playing someone who was born yesterday (or as close to it as possible)! ;-)

    – s.b.

  5. Hmmm…(scratching, this time existing, beard) do you want to do Real analysis with me. I could use some ‘losers’ to boost up my grade. You can bring K3 to. Dont get K1, K2, or hubby. They might whoop me.

  6. Rads, lol, believe don’t believe, but that was actually me trying to commiserate. That’s the story of *my* life. :)

    Re. metlin’s comment, I remember one particular cricket game in the back yard with Dad. We played with cork balls. Shaking his head at the fast ball I had just bowled, he said ‘you must be the fastest bowler in your class!’ And here I was, who had just missed the cut to the second-string school team…

    I stuck to bowling spin to him from that time on.


  7. BPSK – argh!

    OK: Anything to cheer you up! In return play chess/scrabble with me? :twisted:

    sb: Sure thing. Munchkin is just amazing with her eye-hand coordination. She completely bowls us over. Exceptionally proud I am.
    Sure, chess, anytime :)

    Leo: ’nuff already :P Tell us how “good” you are!

    metlin: I know the feeling, the son beat me a year ago in chess, and boy, we just sat and stared at the board for a few minutes before he started a whole dance around the table. Nice :)
    Good stuff!

    Madhu: hehe, yes :)

  8. ohh rads. I am quite good at tennis on wii. We have these wii days in office sometimes and I kick a**. But with kids its a diff case, I don’t mind losing to them or rather letting them win. ;)

  9. My! Kids these days, ya know::giggle::

    No, but seriously, you'd feel loads better to know that I? am the kind who runs for cover when a ball is thrown at me. Which makes you quite the champ. Have hope.

  10. My! Kids these days, ya know::giggle::

    No, but seriously, you’d feel loads better to know that I? am the kind who runs for cover when a ball is thrown at me. Which makes you quite the champ. Have hope.

  11. Giri: What? Super? Same story? :)

    Charl: Looks like it :)

    Cyd: Your modesty is endearing. We oughta play one day. Scrabble.

    Dushti: hehe, am sure you’re good at something ;)

    Prestid: Fine motor skills get clunky with age.

    leo: hehe, yea, just don’t tell them that! :)

  12. @Cydonian – I can totally believe that. So, do you play scrabble in English like the rest of us mortals or do you play it in just about any language that you fancy? :)

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