Black Clay from Nicaragua


This is what I got, awkwardly and then with smug shyness as he hugged me back.

This is what my son got for us, with a mere $15 he had in his pocket on his trip to Nicaragua.IMG_3487

The earrings are made of natural black clay, he adds. Two days after he returns and then in his usual nonchalant manner has forgotten that this lay in his backpack.

I hug him tight, overwhelmed and happy with his gesture.

My boy was growing up. He always cared for his sisters, in ways that I wouldn’t think of. To see him think of us and me and bring us back a token of his solo trip out of the country without us, was a sign of the future. When he would go out into the world and experience things and people uniquely his own. To bring back a token of his experience and to remember us while he lives in his moment.

That’s how men are, aren’t they?

Not expressive as a rule, only to break with select ladies in their life, to extend a token on affection as they beam their love, wordlessly.

..and then one day the tokens will stop. All good things do stop, they evolve and they slow down and then they shift and there really isn’t anything one can do, but watch, and hold onto the memories and hope that they are strong enough to last through time.

Like the black clay earrings from Nicaragua.

kindness 1 – judge G

I most certainly didn’t speed on March 5th, but a cop got me just half a mile down from home and slapped me with a 21 mile over the limit speeding ticket.

Maybe I pushed the pedal down harder on the loaner car.

Maybe my mind was occupied with an intense conversation I had with a friend on the phone.

Maybe I was hurrying back to my daughter who never falls sick to get her medicines on time

Maybe I was speeding.

But I wasn’t. I was sure. Yet, there was the yellow sheet of paper that I clutched in my hand as I hurried across from the parking garage to the court building in Fairfax. This was my 4th trip. I had a ticket way back 14 years ago. Then over the next couple of years it was for my son’s license and permit hearings. Then now.

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