bucket list

The earliest I remember of having a semblance of a bucket list was a goal list, way back when I was a kid and I was barely 11 or 12 years old.

It was a small piece of notebook paper, folded many times over. It had a few lines jotted down on it, and I had a hand me down worn wallet that dad gave me, and I tucked this in there. Dad suggested I do this, coz he said the more you see something written down, the more it grows strong in your heart and head and the more strength you will find to get it done.

I don’t recollect all of them but the main ones were:

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preparing to cross

Continuing on from this post – Romancing the book , I wanted to lay down a few things and take stock of who is in and in seriously to keep this chain going. I counted 5 of us who were in last, and I hope everyone is still on, and perhaps a few more.

Here are my expectations: 

  1. I will buy the book. This book will travel. No other books will show their head. 
  2. I plan on getting Calvin and Hobbes. Regardless of the edition or number of times any of you read it, what’s not to like Calvin and his pet tiger’s ingenious ways of looking at the adult world. It will perhaps be a genre that everyone will enjoy and laugh. The two things that we want this chain to be associated with, and in a less visible way to experience the journey of a book exchanging hands and traveling the world.
  3. I would like for the book to cross USA. Travel around as much as it can and make its way back to me.
  4. For that to happen, we don’t want the chain broken. If at any point in time, if someone cannot take it forward or does not have anyone to pass it on to, my only request would be to send it back to me and am available via email for my address.
  5. I will insert a picture or a description of the place I am in, and the date recorded on it. It will be nice to have each of the readers also add a small note that will describe the place or family or anything that adds value to the traveling book. That *is* the whole point of this exercise?
What’s in it for you:
You will get the book in the mail. You are expected to do only FOUR things:
  1. Read. Laugh. Enjoy.
  2. Write a note in your handwriting – keep it as private or as open as you’d like. (as described above in #5 above) Tuck it in to the book.
  3. Send ME an email with the contents of the note, and I will reply with the next address in the chain.
  4. Mail it in to the next address to the person. That will be the ONLY cost that you will bear. If you are within US, then it should not cost you more than $5.00. As I said above, if you are unable to do this, or want to back off, email me. I will understand, but I surely do NOT want the chain broken. That is really my only request of you. 
I am the middle man. I and only I will know your names or nicks and unless you clearly mention to me that you don;t mind others knowing. Rest assured, your details are safe with me. Once you finish the book, you will email me at rads dot kowthas at gmail dot com and I will send you the next person’s address for you to send it to. Last I checked, am a safe very rooted desi mother, living a very normal life with my husband, three kids and a dog, in the suburbs of Washington DC. You even have my picture up there, and been here on this blog too long to risk it for any dumb stunt. Am safe and no, I am not a stalker of any kind. Kinda too busy for that kinda silliness.

I know some of you are looking at me like Ive lost it, but some of us care for our privacy and even if its the minority, they need to be respected, so we will err on the side of caution. 

As the book travels, I will keep the group updated either via email or here on the blog (if there is enough interest generated) and everyone can participate in the laughs or journeys.
Grand Finale:
Once and when the book reaches me (and it WILL reach me no matter what unless it gets caught in floods!) I will scan all the handwritten notes and it will be an interesting experiment that will enrich our lives in a way that the internet and digital age has not. Yes, we borrow, but we are dependent on the physical movement of that book and not just an email forward. (which btw, I loathe with all my heart and kind soul)
Who is in?
Comment here or Mail me – rads dot kowthas at gmail dot com
Updated September 25th 2011
Place hops:
  1. Virginia
  2. Delaware
  3. Arizona
  4. Washington (state)
  5. Hyderabad
  6. Southern California
I NEED MORE HOPS! Do me a favor and someone find me a European an Australian and an Asian who’d play? Share this post if you’d like? Please? Thanks!