desi noodles

Okay, recipe post! I’d posted a pic on Instagram  and considering how much we all are slaves of food porn, folks salivated appropriately on there and on twitter. Just in case you wondering I always repay such favors too ;-)

So am not this perfect cook. I am your idea imperfect whining cook. Much to my chagrin, I occasionally hit pay dirt and the stuff that comes out of my kitchen appeal to many. With all honesty I can assure you that I do not try hard to get there. It’s accidental karma.

These days Asian inspired recipes are becoming mainstream and now I have to go post this recipe coz of the below mentioned reasons:

1. I need a post today and am running in circles finding one. My son turned 17, and I wanted to record his birth story, but the mood isn’t there. It’s a journey into time and I need to be in a place to do that. I guess I will post it one of these days, coz its on my list to do.

2. Food appeals to all. A good picture of any food is a no-brainer for folks. They follow the sights, smells and taste of food.

3. Folks actually wanted a recipe, so here goes.


I used Hakka noodles, 1 pack. The vegetable kind.

On a large pan and on high, I used a mix of sesame oil and olive oil and sauté on high heat the vegetables in this order

Carrots, Thin Japanese eggplant, Broccoli, Peppers, Mushrooms, snow peas. Once they look nice and shiny and sautéed well, I added in soya sauce. The rule of thumb and I have no measurements is that you take that bottle and go around the pan. Happily. Let the vegetables coat, not soak. Add 1/2 tsp of sugar.

You boil the noodles in the meanwhile on the other stove. Keep an eye and do not let it go more than 8-10 minutes. You don’t want them mushy. Remove, drain, wash in cold water.

Drain well, add to the vegetable pan, and mix it all up, still o high heat.

Once all mixed in, add the chili sauce. 3 hefty teaspoons and you get to see the chili flakes and it’s good to go.

I also occasionally scramble an egg or two and throw it in at the end.  If you have mung/ soya sprouts, add them in now.

Mix it all in.

Tada! Want fried rice, just sub rice instead of noodles. Done.

Like? Make and tell me in the comments, I’ll come and drool appropriately? ;-)

task list

So I missed yesterday’s post as well. Sigh. That’s 3 posts missed in the NaBloPoMo. I feel terrible, but then I do not have the time to feel sad or sorry for myself or for the blog or for the initiative coz:

1. The reason behind doing the Post a day was to bring some order, discipline and get me to write again, freely and without strain. Think am almost there. Then again, its a continuous work in progress. I could lessen the frequency but the flow should remain if any kind of benefit must be attainable out off the last 2 weeks of writing.

2. I really am busy and have a few goals to achieve. More like mini-goals, and tasks and deadlines, so it isn’t like am goofing off, but am constantly putting out maintenance fires in between the real productive tasks.

3. Ive learnt that its okay to falter and its okay to not be perfect. Life is short and I need to let go.

4. I got a bajillion tasks that I need to complete soon, and I know this coz I discovered the Task bar in Gmail and the list is long. Not intimidating anymore, coz I fear no one or no entity, but it is long and they must be felled slowly and methodically.

5. I love making lists and writing numbered points. :-)

Oh btw, I have a new page – Tags –  – a collection of all that I patiently wrote. Was a nice memory trip yesterday as I re-listed them and read most of them and realized that despite whatever I thought, I really haven’t changed much. Just that the body and mind has gotten slightly more busier and occupied but that the heart really hasn’t changed.

That’s a good thing right?


sthree skincare and spa

Second in my Wednesday Featured series is what most women usually frequent at least once a month. Get some TLC and groom themselves so we can go out and battle the world while looking pretty!

Ive known Lakshmi and Aruna since many years now. Coming from to US in early 90s from a place in India where one would never dream of going out without a neatly arched eyebrow and the fact that there was an establishment offering such services at every other street corner, it was like a heaven sent to discover someone who would do it and do it well!

A good friend introduced me to them and since then, they are my go-to in a rush, coz am as lackadaisical as them come when it comes to staying on top of such grooming. I wake up every couple of months with “oh God, I look like a bear” moment and then I frantically call them and get an appointment and once am done, it’s like a new person emerges from behind all those shaggy 70s look eyebrows!

Plus they really are very nice and easy to talk to through all that pain :(

Known them since 10 years and Ive seen them grow ground up. From operating out of a small home-based apartment to now an established skincare spa in a busy location in Northern Virginia, they are the quintessential duo for what fantastic smiling customer service is all about. I was very happy when they decided to entrust the picture taking of their grand spa opening to me! Check some of the pictures I took for them here. 

They have worked hard with patience and waited their time and their success and growth is both inspiring and is worthy of emulation. The sister-in-law duo (Aruna is married to Lakshmi’s brother) are warm, inviting and do a perfect job every time without compromising on quality and time. Always up for a chat, they sat down with me at their Spa, to tell me in a candid interview on how they started, and where they are and how they kept going.

Lakshmi and Aruna

Contact: Website Sthree Skincare (Northern VA)


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post about nothing

Like the Seinfeld show about nothing, this will be a post about nothing.

Yes. I could write about Salsa. I actually have 3 different salsa bottles in the refrigerator. Chi-Chi, some Costco fancy pineapple one and then one more hidden way behind which am sure has collected some gray dusting and is spicy. That much I know. See, what a strange coincidence that today’s NaBloPoMo’s daily prompt was about “name three things in your refrigerator”

There! I just did that.

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