The Newsletter

So this new project that I had conceived over the last couple of months has finally taken off. It took a good concentrated 2 days of work. Not the content, but more of putting it together and then the formatting and the perfectionist me kept fixing and reaffixing it till 2 am yesterday, and I still had a few things to make sure this morning before I hit SEND.

That said, it’s the first one, and I am happy and I am excited and I like how it looks and I am bursting with how and where I can take this and go. Except that I can’t probably afford to spend as much time as i have so far on one newsletter, time is precious and it is money too, in a way.

Anyhoo, a few pinged me to tell me how much they liked it, and that made me happier.

I like the hits on the blogs., This and the What’s your story one. 

I did a good search for random words/titles from the ladies Ive showcased, and the blogposts are ALL among the top 5 links that Google threw up. That’s pretty cool if you ask me!

I am set with the next 2 months on the superwomen I want to interview here, but it’s continuous fun alright.

So, if you haven’t signed up or you want in on the newsletter with chock full of motivation, ideas, links on books, food and such, the next one is coming out in 2 weeks, so sign up?

Toodles and stay warm!

radhika reviews: a blog to watch for

Just a quick update and a record that things will be chugging along in the new featured post that Ive been working on showcasing inspirational ladies of the DC area. I now have a separate website for it and I have a few plans and I hope they will chug along well and in turn inspire and help others who need that kind of inspiration to go become the best person they are.

Radhika Reviews 

Check the space out. More fabulous reviews and real people that bring great things and change the community ever so slightly with their work.