a little 6 year old

Ive always treasured birthdays. My own more than anyone else’s actually. I expect to be treated special. I like to be pampered. I like to be surprised. I want to be treated like am a million bucks. I expect some folks who are in the closer circle to remember and wish me.I don’t particularly care for gifts, and I most certainly don’t think of its value except for the fact that they are being given to me as and extension of their love and thought.

Just for those 24 hours, I want to be in the spotlight. I love it. Once the night wears off, I want the lights off. I need my space. I need my corner and I need to just simply be.

Sounds selfish right?

If it makes any difference I like to do the same to my loved ones. I try. Sometimes I pull it off, sometimes I suck at it, but I try.

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..and we are live!

After a ridiculous number of days of humming and hawing and sleeping and pondering and everything from dreaming to dreading the makeover, I sat for 4 hours since this morning and tweaked the theme of the new site – Kowthas.¬† It’s however, still a work in progress. Not exactly loving the new look yet, (I personally hate the header with a passion) and I do have some fair number of tweaks coming up, but hey, at least it’s up and I hope to write and blog in a more regular fashion over there.

One has to start somewhere I suppose.

So, could I ask you to show me some love folks? Subscribe to that space and let me know if there are any dead ends and broken links among other things? :)

..and with simple caution I scream “Yay”!


3.14 and then some more

So Yes, I did it. I walked, shuffled, jogged, cried, whimpered, pushed myself through the 3.14. It was awful as much as it was awesome. My shins hurt within a mile and they hurt so much that I contemplated sitting down right there on the sidewalk, especially when my heart sank as I saw one little track kid come the opposite direction. He was completing the race and here I was, just within half a mile of starting point. I dragged step after step. No one cheered me along the way, coz there was no one left on the way, except for the random flaggers at corners and the cops directing traffic, who politely and cautiously observed me in case I fall flat on the ground.

I was one of the last ones to finish it. It mattered to an extent. To a fairly large extent when I did take the blinders off me.

However, I gently reminded myself of me and my situation of last Fall.

  1. I did not have the physical energy to do this.
  2. My knee and the sciatic nerve together had me prisoner at home.
  3. I did not have the mental energy to want to get better. I loved me whining in the hole that I was in.

Personally, It was a huge success. It *is* all in the mind.

This race or walk was not my goal anyway. May is when I shall do the 5K and I will better my time and march on steadier, coz am working on speed and the stretching of the shins.

I must say, am real proud of my husband who ran the distance without prep and as a last minute entrant and clocked in 34 minutes!

So yes, this is a personal achievement and am not letting anyone tell me otherwise. The rest of you athletes and the me of 2010 can all just please leave if you aren’t cheering me that is. :-)

I did it.

In other news, have you checked out articles that I have been writing for other online magazines? Here are the links:

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ugadi 2012

naama samvatsara shubhakaankshalu

ugadi pachadi

Such a lovely name of the year? I love it. Especially when compared to the last two years. Such misfits those were.

So anyways, happy Hindu calendar new year to all Telugus, Kannadikas and Maharashtrians. I am sure there are a couple more communities, I’ve missed, but consider the above wish all-inclusive!

The picture above is from 2008. No, there is no need to drop your jaw in awe at my organization skills, WP saves all pictures for me, I just had to pilfer my own and use it! What can I say, am modest :-)
BUT regardless of how old this is, I would have done the exact same thing this year too. Rather tomorrow morning as the new year dawns.

Our Cherry blossom tree is brimming with gorgeous baby pink flowers. The Ganesha has always been my favorite and my Pachchadi is always the same! So all is well.

This year is goingto be heavy on our heads and minds as we gear towards kids’ final years as high schoolers and as they (and us) gear ourselves as they prepare to leave home for college and as adults. We would all be floating between decisions big and small, stresses of various forms and shapes, of concern, of fear and of ambivalency on where we are headed.

Nothing any more new than other parents before us have experienced and the ones who follow us will go through. It’s a phase of life that we will have to cross with strength and faith. I have always believed that we are essentially made of grit and determination and integrity. We believe in ourselves and as much as circumstances and situations will sway us, eventually we will find our way back to what we are made of.

Humans have short memories of their capabilities and reserve of strength to carry themselves through. I am a human and I have more than forgotten my ability to achieve when i set my mind to do it. After the series of injuries and health issues of the past two years, I never dreamed that I would ever be able to get back to walking for periods of time, without having to look for a seat. I avoided the mall and travel. My body did, my mind yearned to push against it, until one day my mind kicked my body and here I am training and pushing myself to slowly reach small goals that I have set for myself.

I am very proud of myself today. I walked 2.30 miles. By myself. Through the woods, through inclines, through lonely empty roads, in a huge circuit and I brought me home in one piece without falling down or calling in for help. I didnt think i could do it. My knee did hurt, my quads pulled me through. More interestingly, I did not plan for it, but I cannot bring myself to pinpoint what was it that drove me on straighter on the path rather than to turn around.

It’s a small but definite step. I am not sitting complaining of foot pain or asking for a massage. Even January my feet hurt. They don’t anymore. I cannot be happier. Saturday I do the pi-miler of 3.14 miles. Till yesterday I was anxious if I’d be able to do it or not. Today I know I can do it. I may be slow, and I may stop and I may be the last one among all who race with me, but I *know* I will complete it.

THAT makes me very happy.

Onto a better year in health and wisdom. Wealth can wait for one more year.