tag 19 – bride

Terri impulsively tagged a bunch of us ladies (wonder why the men got left out), to post a blog-friendly wedding picture of them. Brides are supposed to be at their pretty best. Happy, excited, shy, nervous as hell yet looking like they are completely in command of the situation, and enjoying it too. Yeah, some challenge eh, and the guys think being a bride is easy!

So, I dutifully pulled out the album with a few pictures of our wedding day and as any woman with a few good years behind her would relate, I didn’t recognize myself. I looked like a hastily built malnourished scarecrow that got scared out of her mind and ran blind smack onto a red wall, thus landing a bad bruise on the forehead. (yes yes, I know I sound like a broken record, but I shall not forgive the priest, who you see partially there, who kept getting random ladies to apply more and more kumkum on my already red forehead! Check my marriage meme for more detailed cribbing)

Anyways, here’s a blog-friendly picture of me during the ceremony.


Yes, I know, I look plain, with no jewelry and jazz. My good friend looked more like the bride though of no fault of hers! Don’t ask. One of those insanely half-baked idealistic views on minimalism and ‘less is more concept’ that I stubbornly stuck to. Of course I conveniently blame the mother now that she should have told me better, but like I was listening then. Apart from a few other heartfelt reasons, this alone makes me want to go exchange vows again, and maybe I just will too, considering all.

Today marks 16 years since the husband and I decided to stick it together. Yes, we met on the 1st evening, and made it official on 2nd morning. Stop smirking about the dates, the jury’s still out on who or even if we got fooled. Okay, that joke’s become boring and I shall cease.

So which one of you fine folks want to show us how you looked on your special day? That includes men. Consider it a tag.


Not literally, well, yes, I sorta am, but the weatherman says we’d be down to our shorts tomorrow (Friday Jan 23rd) – It’s going to be a very hot FIFTY degrees! I hate that part. As much as I crib when temps below freezing hit us, I hate the fact that it ain’t consistent and I hate the heat. Give me a freezer to the oven I say! One can comfortably layer on as many as one would like and get to an extent warm, but seriously after we touch the 100’s how much can one remove? Even if am down to the skivvies (which I really can’t though would love to) the heat is well, unbearable.

Okay now that I’ve explained my views on freezin’ of the literal kind, coming down to the purpose of this post.

This here little butterfly. It’s decided to land on my blog, not once, not twice, but FOUR times.


1. Dinesh started it off by saying this ” ..So I am letting this butterfly fly off as an award to my fellow bloggers” and lists me among three brilliant ladies. I was secretly quite thrilled with myself, being clubbed with stalwarts of blogging like Usha, was something to be celebrated after all. Considering the “weight” I was buckling under those days, he adds thoughtfully “If you are health conscious, do not worry, this is a “94% Fat free Butter”fly or “I-can’t-believe-it-is-not-butter”fly.

Funny, I think to myself and in my glee decide to add my own spin on the butterfly. 6th grade life cycle of butterfly fluttered into my mind and I drew up a parallel (which I really thought was cute and funny and quite apt, but apparently everyone else thought I was being pretentious! *a bummer I tell you*.) in this post.

2. Itchingtowrite came along again, awarding me with another butterfly. O boy I thought “This is sweet and very nice of her to think so.” I bask in the delicate rippling flutters around me.

In my head I think: heh, this is getting to be rather fun. Me, I scribble, vent, ramble and talk incessantly about my weight and graph all the gory details out and folks are thinking am cool? I guess being a goofball does pay off after all!”

3. A few days later, Usha bestows the award on me. yet again! She says listing me one among two A-listers and says “I think your blogs are COOOOOOOOL. Please be cool about it and accept the award.” I fainted right there at work. My head was getting bigger and hotter. I threw open the window and stuck my neck out into the cold crisp virgin air. This was getting quite stressful. It was one thing to be blessed upon once and then twice, but the 3rd time around, the pressure to be cool was mounting. Now, every one of my posts had to be ‘cool’. Everyone who stopped at usha’s was coming on over to see what was this ‘cool’ thing I had to offer. I pretended to be one among them and hopped on over. I saw nerdy graphs, and diet lists. Yikes! Since when did graphs become cool? Or a lecture on how to control LDL? Or poems on Oats?

Panic set in. I prayed. That’s what one does when all hope’s lost. I prayed that she wrote more posts. Brilliant, funny, insightful, news-worthy, anything, just please God, let Usha keep writing. That’s when the proclamation that my blog is cool, would get buried under, thus easing the pressure off me. Phew. A week into Jan and I was beginning to feel warm and cozy within my words.

4. Laks drops by seemingly very innocent and goes and says this about me:  “Often writes on things I was j-u-u-st about to write on! And often I go, “I wish I’d written that!”.

I thought she was accusing me of stealing her words, she politely concedes to “wavelength”. I agree for the only reason that we share the same name. Grudgingly accept the fact that all the Laks’ in the blogworld and outside are amazing large-hearted generous women and accept the award that has now has me buried under its tremendous generous challenging wings.

As I accept this new butterfly, I solemnly declare that am now frozen beyond recognition, action and repair. I abdicate all rights to be cool, and shall henceforth request that all to give me warm hugs and bring me back to this toasty kind green earth.


Drama aside, thanks once again to all who tagged me with this butterfly, who called me/my blog awesome cool and stopped to want to acknowledge the person behind this space. Appreciate your words, attention and most importantly for becoming a part of my life. O btw, I touched 90 on google reader today, God sure help folks who read me! :)

tag 18 – just B

Laksh of Musings wrote a list of 10 of her favorite things starting with the letter K assigned to her. After a bit of confusion, where I sulked and behaved like a juvenile hormonal teen unwittingly ragging the new girl at school, I got her to give me a letter. (I really wasn’t, but you know me. :))

She said: B, coz you remind me of bubbly!

Heh, piece of cake I figured! For anyone who’s read me a few months, it’s no secret what I love starting with B. Then of course, all good things come to a grinding halt with sound effects included, and as expected after listing 4, I got sufficiently stuck. My mind refused to budge. I even opened up the dictionary. That in itself requires patience, grit and lot of footwork. Despite having two kids who are supposed to be using the Webster’s and make it dog-eared with their continuous pouring, we do not have the faintest idea where it is in our messy home. On asking, they looked at me like I was as old a relic as the Webster’s and said: “mom, we use the dictionary online?”

In any case, now that I have traveled well over my meandering limit, and before people sigh in exasperation, let me launch into 10 of my favorite things that start with B. Can I instead just say, these are the 10 things in my life that start with a B and mean something to me at this point in time?

And o, the rules, if anyone wants a letter, please ask and I shall assign. *oo, I feel like a middle school teacher, assigning strict crazy mad science projects out to truant teens!!* O alright, don’t be such chickens. If you ask, I shall be nice, if you don’t ask, I’ll just assign you a Z, X or a Q *evil laugh*

Oh okay, I kid. :-)

And o, I clicked all ’em pictures too! *yay* Since the latest bug in my head is the shutterbug, in case you interested, here’s where I’ve placed more of my trigger happy moments on flickr.


So, in no particular order, here are 10 of the B things I list:

1. Bubbles:
Blow a bubble, slow and gentle
Let it free, to see it soar
Here’s a theme,
Imagine the bubble as a dream


2. Bhel puri:
Tangy and sour, sweet and spicy
Just as our day should really be.


3. Black Forest Cake:
Chocolate and cherry, whipped vanilla soft
Lush and sweet decadent finesse
My love for it, I profess


4. Blue and Black:
Blue’s pure, black’s a tad obscure
A harmony of the two
Wakes me up anew.


5. Bike:
Learnt to ride the bike, when I was eight
Toppled and crushed folks despite my puny weight
Now I bike fast and harmless, yet go nowhere
Alas, wish I’d at least lose my tyre spare


6. Bangles:
Colorful and round, as they dance in their sound
Miss the daily symphony
Stuck in this western cacaphony


7. Burrito Bowl:
Mexican cuisine hits the spot
The nachos and quesos hot
A comfort food if there is
Burrito bowl it is!


8. Birthdays:
Tripping around the sun, me and you
Like we have a choice or two
Stuck on this giant green glob
Dodging wrinkles as we sob.


9. Baccalaureate:
Everyone loves a bachelor
No fun to just follow along
Decided I’d just sing instead, a new song
Baccalaureate of that thingamajigy
Where I really was meant to be.


10. Blog:
A dear friend and lover
Even my confidante
To my solace, I rush for cover.


And I am done!


That’s how my daughter used to call a butterfly, “mommy, mommy, a fufferfly!” So yes, when I saw this on my reader, I exclaimed ‘a fufferfly’ to which the PYT across me said “huh”? I had to get into a full blown explanation of what and how a fufferfly came into existence while at the same time managing to not give my blog away.

Pleasant surprise that Dinesh awarded me this.. No, there’s no stress on any of the words in that last line. It was nice of him to do so, and thank you!

butterflyI am not sure how the name of the award came into existence, and perhaps it’s as simple as sketching a route of a delicate butterfly as it hops and skips along various scented flowers. I however, would like to think of an award such as this got created to acknowledge and merit a blog that’s grown through its lifecycle.


  • The awkward ‘oh, I write for myself, and here’s my first musings‘ stage
  • The calm ‘ooh, people are actually reading me AND commenting!” Stage


  • The exuberant ‘yay, a tag! I got tagged! w00t! In the “inner” circle baby!!” stage
  • The fawning ‘uh-uh, what do I write so others will like what I scribble‘ stage

Pupa /Chrysalis

  • The diplomatic  ‘Oh crap, now I better start watching what I write’ stage
  • The resigned ‘Oh perfect! no matter what I do/say, I will never please everyone all the time‘ stage


  • The coming of age ‘heh, I write for myself‘ stage
  • The final optional ‘okay, am done, will die here and go start afresh‘ stage

I like to savor the benefits so pardon me while I inflict on the rest of you on how best to enjoy this moment. An award apparently is best appreciated when it’s handed down, like the heirloom quilt that goes down the generations. The value of it increasing by the number of recipients it gathers, like medals and badges an army veteran wears. It is indeed debatable on where the pride is more. On the recipients or on the award itself.

Okay, alright, I guess that”s more than enough infliction for a day, so without further ado, I shall pass the baton on to a blog/blogger who has been around for a little while and has gathered enough followers who are always saying wonderful stuff and gushing with compliments! No matetr teh post! Isn’t that unbelievable? To garner such admiration, and unmistakable sure reactions in every post?

Well, that’s what happens when you are a fine cook, and a fine photographer rolled into one. The fact that she’s young, single and has a pleasing personality are little surprises. Like the time you’d be happy, when you munch into a sooji ka laddoo and discover a bite and a rush of the flavor of a lovely cashew nestled deep in the middle.

If you haven’t guessed by now, it is Priya of Akshayapaatram. Keep the spices stirring girl!