5 black dreams {WhatTheBlack}

..and I just got the tweet/news that I won. Yay.  (added on November 04 2014)


I love black. I think most women like black, it’s a phenomenon. I havent met a single girl out there who does not approve of black. In clothing especially. Black is the great leveler, the ultimate weapon to not highlight what we dont want to highlight and has the power to make the rest of us stand out.


Think of the LBD. It is ranked as one of the most popular outfits almost all women want to own.

Not the LBD generation, then it must be the black sari. In all possible materials and designs and styles. The Kanjivaram, Mysore silk, Bengal cotton and the one with pearl work, and the sequins and the ribbon work and then the suits and so on.

You think black’s just for clothing? Nope, we love black in the kitchen, in the appliances, the couch and the cushions, the carpets, even the gorgeous black centers of black eyed susans! We love the glistening black idols in the south Indian temples, the rough hues of the ancient chiseled statues around the temples, the thick mane humans and horses and gorgeous labradors  and border collies sport, the kohl that lines women’s eyes to convey the myriad emotions and we love the black backdrops in photo sessions that make the subject pop! The night sky to my beautiful dog Zephie, to the black felt marker I use to the black light filtering curtains in the sunroom, black runs my life, subtly, and in the shadows.

Black, as much as a negative connotation it may carry in some cultures, has its stand, firm and dignified, come what may attitude.

Black is my favorite color and I can never tire of not incorporating it in my wardrobe at every chance I get. So with  closet predominantly full of black, what ELSE would I like to own that is black you ask? Here you go!

1. Black Tesla. 

black tesla

Look at that thing and tell me you aren’t drooling to sit on it, in it and just TOUCH it? Sigh.

Well, it’s Tesla. It’s black. It is amazing!

When you dream, you just as well dream big right? Go big or go home! Yes, one day. I will own or lease or rent or whatever, I will drive this beauty around!

2. Black Pearl 

Tahitian pearls


It’s the Tahitian pearl. Not entirely black, but rare and so expensive and is only found or made in the Tahitian waters. I am not entirely sure if I will finally buy it even if I can afford it, but it’s something Ive thought of when I heard of it and would like to own it maybe..

3. Black Kanjeevaram sari 

I already own a Gadwal silk, A bengal cotton, Bengal cotton/.silk, an Oriya silk, a Mysore silk, a Lucknowi cotton sari, and a few other random material ones – all fabulous and gorgeous on their own, BUT I must own a Kanjivaram black silk ONE Day. I will, too. Just need to go get a job first.

4. Black granite countertops 

We bought a house that has become a home over the past 15 years. It is our first home and well, first homes are usually more emotional than practical and most definitely more budget conscious. So, I scrimped on a few things and sacrificed a few others as we were just beginning to settle down and budget and the monthly mortgage was a priority.

Over teh years Ive loved how the granite looks and it has been one of the bigger upgrades that I want to get done. It’s expensive too, so I am waiting for an opportune moment to get it done and it’s the only upgrade/renovation I want for the home.

5. Black Golden Retriever 

I have Zephie. She’s the most obedient, sweetest low-maintenance pup ever. Her dad’s a Norwegian Elkhound and her mom is a Border Collie. She is a gorgeous mix of both breeds and as luck would have it (for us) she got the best of both genes, in looks, behavior and temperament.


BUT, since a couple of months, I’ve been feeling like we could use one more little pup in the house. As a playmate for Zephie and even munchkin. We have a few Golden Retrievers around and I love them! Labs are adorable too, but somehow Goldens seem more put together, and I cant take way playful pups seeking attention 24/7 – that’s huge maintenance and we are spoilt with Zephie now. I am not sure if I will go ahead and adopt one more, what with the way things are, but it’s on the radar alright and am already excited!


So! This has been fun writing and listing all things black and beautiful! ..and I have to thank Alchemist Poonam for nudging me on. Thanks girl!

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a cycle run

So this summer Ive been meaning to spend more time with my Zeph and also more time outside. My new favorite before 9 am on most days is to take my Trek(cycle) and cycle around the neighborhood. Gives me some low-impact aerobic to do and 20 minutes of clear me-time while I sort things in my head. It’s a mess most mornings when i get up. Almost like the neurons decided to get all impish and twist themselves into a frenzied knot just because I work them so much during the day.

Usually the husband does Zephie’s morning walk. It’s their sacred time together. I have started taking her mid-afternoon into the woods and new terrains that she doesn’t do with him. Maybe twice a week.

Yesterday we were at the vet. Came back with a few revelations.

1. Zeph could afford to use 10 lbs. (yay, so could I, I cheered myself!)

2. She was awesome just the way she was according to her breed. She was not a huge kid person, and wouldn’t play fetch, but more herd and it’s OKAY for some breeds to not care about fetching or playing with other dogs. (I figured, just like mommy!) 3. She LOVES royal canine diet treats. Paid a hefty $40 for a 8 lb bag, which we shall use till next year!


Zephie pausing for me to keep up

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my baby zeph

It is 3 years today, on Super Bowl Sunday that I got the best birthday gift, ever. I bought home my black and white Border Collie-Norwegian Elkhound pup. She looks like her dad and behaves like the mom, playful, fun, excited and amazing with kids.

I worked through her potty training, through a few chews here and there, but for the most part I/we lucked out. *I* wanted the pet. I grew up with two and I knew that there was no other childhood memory that would come close to quality relationship that one could give as a parent to their child, and I insisted, fought, got threatened and dint care and I went to Petco and signed up with Forever Home, and we got approved and on a fine, chill yet sunny morning, we ran back in to the store at 1 after a tiring morning at dance school, and were handed us this round small black furry thing.

me and zeph

She smelled and wiggled in my arms, but I was impulsive and happy.

My munchkin was very happy coz I was happy. Daughter was happy coz she liked pups. Son continued to live in his bubble, refusing to associate with anything apart from his books and room lest he was tagged to do a chore and the husband was the biggest surprise. After putting up an enormous almost juvenile front to not allow a pet in, he drove over behind us to the store, to smile and pet the pup in my hands and now is the primary sole caregiver with respect to walks and feeding and the bond they share is strange, wonderful and unique.

It’s responsibility and care wrapped in loyalty and affection. Both ways.

She took her time warming up to us and to me, and now is probably the most affectionate she has ever been. Over the past months, she cuddles up to me, gives me and only me the special wag she reserves, the way she glues herself and pushes her neck into my knees or side of my leg, and the way she sits patiently next to me as I stroke the top of her head. We are in tune now. She knows when I call her for food, for getting the Furminator on her, when I want to take her for a walk as opposed to when it’s a car ride, that she doesn’t love, but has grown to tolerate. She understands the incessant runs I make through the day, doesn’t blink or look too sad when we leave her at home, and is always happy to see all of us walk back in. She knows her peanut butter treat is coming. She understands Telugu and English as much as she understands our tone and the reactions of people who come in. She understands my strange need to play dress up with her. She accommodates, and is always patient, allowing various props to be placed on her while I click and record the moment.



She is a lady though. Elegant and restrained as the situation demands, right from the way she takes a cookie from my hands, ever so gently, slowly, barely touching my skin, but just the object of attention, to the way she sits down at the door or window, as she watches the world, and the squirrels go by.


Always excited to hear the doorbell ring (and we have a TON of traffic), she jumps to welcome folks, and immediately picks up on their signal. If they are scared and hesitant, she backs down right away. Edging closer and closer, inch by inch till she is seated next to them, ears tucked down and wagging her tail ever so gently, till they feel comfortable about stroking her head.If they are petrified, she sulks, walking away slowly into the study next to the front door, and sits there waiting for them to move on or away, for the most part not even needing the command.

If they are dog lovers, well, we have a hurricane in the house and so much joy.

But when they leave, they all compliment her, praising her, knowing that she is ever so sensitive to us, for how well behaved she is, and almost sitting on the fence to become a dog owner. She converts people, and influences them. Every person, who has met her once has gone a changed person, even if just for a bit. Mostly happy and smiling, but also bewildered, coz their perception is slightly altered on what it is to have a dog from the shelter become one of your own.

It’s all her, and we are lucky to have found each other.

Today is Superbowl Sunday. She will sit with us downstairs and watch the game, and hogging chips and cookies alike and couldn’t care less on the outcome of it, just that the house will be full of teenagers yelling and screaming at the large white screen with sweaty running men whose eyes are hidden.

I don’t know about you, but that’;s just not right.

Coz she speaks with her eyes and when she looks at you, she bores into your pair to touch and reach your soul and heart. That ever so slight tug, and that heart is never in its stable place ever again.

Then she does this thing that she never does with anyone else but me. She sits and waits to be stroked. I hold her face in my palms, bend down and kiss her jaw, and head and stroke her. Cooing unintelligible nonsense to her as she wags her tail. I stop to pick up my coffee, and her paw rises quickly, to grab whatever she can of me. My thigh, my calf, an arm, anything, so she can ask for me to stroke her again. To touch her again. We continue this dance till she is happy and satiated.


..and I wonder. There is no ego, no loss, no hesitancy, no demand, but a simple ask.

She wants the touch. She wants to be petted. She asks. I give. She gives in return.

Now, if every relationship would be as simple as that, the world and life would be a lot simpler. Then again, what would be special about the bond you share with your pet?



This is what gets done to me when Mama Rads is bored. Not munchkin but Mama. The things I bear for this family I think am in love with. Why else would a self-respecting Elkhound free in the wilderness of West Virginia move to the suburbs of the big city and go through this?

There was a tornado alert last evening.

I had absolutely no idea of course, just that there was a lot of scurrying and grabbing of all things shiny that consume the family with the eerie blue light on their face, before we scurried to the basement. I was just happy poking around the new boxes and odd shaped cartons down below, and have all of them in the same room. Which is a rare occurrence I must say.

Either way, I hope you are at least having a good laugh at my misery. I feel like an old woman. Not unlike the Wolf  in Red Riding hood. Just not evil. Am a good doggie.

I am being asked to tell you that this costuming will continue and be a regular feature on this blog. They will be suffixed with my initial Z. I am also asked to tell you that am no pioneer dog blogging. Terri has been my predecessor. I do not in any way hope to fill those paw prints left by the awesome Terri. This may or may not last. One of these days, I may just run away from all the costumes and hats and whistles this Mama loads on me.

Happy Friday all.