after ages, I got my hands on a Limca at a friends’ and it was such nostalgia!  


Even munchkin liked it. Called it a “good marriage between Sprite and Lemonade. With a pinch of Dr.Pepper” ok then! 



Post About Nothing

I have nothing to say.

Ive sat and stared at the screen for a good 45 minutes trying to drum up of something substantial, incredible, funny or reflective for me to write on. Of course various thoughts came in, but none deemed worthy for a whole post in itself. I thought I’d do a potpourri, but my mind is a tangled mess of thoughts. Not unlike the wires that form a slithering snake pit behind the TV and the music system.

So yes, I have nothing.

But you know, nothing is a great place to be.

I wish my mind had nothing in it.

No, like not asking to be empty, but asking it to be filled with nothing. There *is* a difference.

Or maybe there isn’t. Am as confused as you are getting reading this :)

So, remember how the world came about from nothing? Like the sound OM, and there was vaccum and there was nothing, and bam! God rubbed his hands in glee and decided to create us. Yeah.


Oh ok, fine! The Big bang Theory happened and then there was something out of nothing!


so, either way, you see how Something gets created out of Nothing?

Pretty cool eh, when you think about it?

That’s what creation is. Creativity is really about creating something from nothing. Nothing but a spark. A spark of thought, a sound, a flash or BOOM, something happens and there is life. All that requires is a small ignition. A thought that can string a whole bunch of words, and they make sense, all of it. You just have to squint your eyes, tilt your head or take a step back and look at what just happened and it would all make sense.

In the large big picture I mean.

Like this post.

I just wrote 300 odd words on nothing.

That’s what writing is all about. That you make that effort and start hammering words out. Don’t wonder dont plot don’t project, just do. Works the same with most others. If it worked for the woodpecker and for the otter and for the ants and the relentless Einstein (who incidentally finally cracked that damn light bulb only after 200 some tries, or maybe it was 2000, who’s counting?) it would work for you and me and well, it worked for Seinfeld! ..and didnt he run it for 9 years and to eternity considering the reruns will never ever stop! 5a576ea877d95553e73de8075ba0367e661a65384b3d1fc3a4c8af5f952bd436

So yeah, a lot of good comes out of nothing.

Just wait for that spark though. The spark is what makes the difference.

Rinse Repeat and Start Again

As part of “kids say the darnest things” I fell upon this little anecdote on an 8 year who said this sagely, as she mixed brownie batter purposefully. She was hearing her mom talk about their dog and then the neighbors and all through the chatter and silence, she had looked up and said those words below.

Think about it.
“I love you” seems to be the most commonly used phrase within the family, between friends, romantic partners, and husband and wife and so on. It’s a relationship bound for the most part. We hear it at least once every day, either being told to us, or we say it to someone or we overhear.
Almost akin to breathing.
‘love you honey”
“love you babe”
“aw baby, I love you!”
“you know I love you right?”
and I could go on, but you get the point.

I love how she points out that you must never really say it as a habit, but more of a conscious declaration of what you deeply feel within you towards this person you feel it for.
Purposefully, with complete mindfulness that you declare your love and affection. Not as a statement to be acted upon, and to dwell on, as a barter as a deal or as a sword held precariously, to be wanted to reciprocate.

It’s as sacred as it is common. So, be warned to not be glib about saying it.

I love the way the frail mind is referenced here.
We forget.
We all forget.
We forget the past, the fleeting present and we forget the preciousness in a relationship. We forget our promises, we forget our kindness and we forget the pleasure of feeling.
It’s human nature.
Not me. Not you. No one’s fault. It’s the way it is.

Some people forget that they are loved.
They need reminders.
Not just in those 3 words, but in the affirmations that do not require those words to be spoken. Yet, there is magic in saying them. With conviction, with depth as you look into their eyes, and to get to a point that you feel they are inadequate.
It happens when you love a person so.
Saying “i love you” just doesn’t cut it. You feel that?

Our mind is distracted, and succumbs to many an event, the present day engulfs us, and we forget.
It’s okay to repeat those words again and again and again.
Some of us thrive on them. It’s like the air we breathe. The food we need and the drop of water that we crave. We aren’t needy, we just thrive on love. Flourish on it.
Grow in it.
Bloom in the presence and affirmations of love.

It’s okay to rinse and repeat.
It is not boring. Not if you meant it in the first place anyway.
So next time, someone throws a fit at you, or they weep in insecurity, or they act up, Just stop them, look into their eyes and tell them you love them. Only if you mean it though. Then tell them.

You never would understand the value of that pause and the reboot their delicate heart gets when you take that moment to tell them that you love them.

Consider it a jumpstart to a slowly beating heart.
It’s a rescue mission at times.
So rinse and repeat and start all over again.
Flat lines are no good for anyone.

Fables: Lost and Found



I used to write fables. Not the Aesop kind, not at all. He has probably turned a few thousand times in his grave every time Ive referred to one of my flights of fancies in the creative, and occasionally dark moods that brought forth some intense feelings to this blog.

They were funny, sad, reminiscing, pensive, daring and full of chutzpah. I even had a separate space called – meaning: These words. It was a beautiful home, full of pride and class. I took so much pride in it and the few readers who flocked, they did with loyalty. Each resonated with a different bunch, and it was a joy to see the connection.

Then life happened, and I had to shut it down, coz I wasn’t writing much and the site cost money.

I have most saved I think. One day they will find their way out and outside of this ether, and perhaps they will dance in black and white. Maybe they won’t. One can dream and work hard towards a goal, and all we can be sure is the sweat and the tears and the little victories, but the final goal is always intangible. Yes, of course there is faith, if not the way is painful and ridden with potholes. ..and despite the fact that most of us have varying degrees of masochism in us, most well meant paths are pleasant on hindsight.

Hindsight is 20/20 and every time we decide to quit or reach a dead end, all we have to do is look back and then on turning around, the way is cleared, just a bit more and so we skip on.

That said, despite being a busy day, I dug up the archives and remembered one particular one I had written way back in 2008.

A Suitable Moment. 

Any old timers around, who recognize this one? Most who commented on that piece are still around, in their personal orbs :)

Life suddenly feels like a fable.

It feels like fables must come back. They were a crutch back then, and maybe now, they would prop me up. The familiarity of one’s words and the comfort they offer.


One of the hardest things in life is to let go of what we thought was real.

All things heart of course, but in the head and in tangibles too.

It feels like homecoming though. I was meant to write those again. I can already feel my fingers itch with excitement. Joy.