Waris Gap

On first glance, for an Indian or of anyone in the South Asian community, this picture wouldn’t really make us stop dead in our tracks. The girl model could be anyone – her facial features not exactly boxing her into one community. It says Indigo. Which could mean anything. He is a Sardar, in full gear, wearing his turban.

Pretty commonplace for many of us to go ” what a lovely looking couple. Must be a new perfume

UNTIL you realize “wait a second, this is NOT India. This is a Gap Ad. This is well, in the US. This is Georgetown I am in. DC suburbs, posh yes, but it’s still D to the power of C, the Nation’s capital!”

It hits you smack between your eyes as it sinks in slowly.

Your eyes go round in amazement, wonder, pride and then mist over, ..and then you break into a slow clap.

You applaud Gap for its decision to go with the advertisement. You applaud for the Sikh community in particular for how they’ve stood all these years (post 9/11 and more) and you applaud the nature at which the world has embraced this vision, this picture and for what it stands.

…and then once the euphoria stems down, you again wonder, just like every woman out there wonders on why we have to “fight” for something which is rightfully ours.

Why should a picture of a good looking Sikh man in an advertisement bill board make us feel like we have “arrived”, like we have achieved and that we have made headway.

Shouldn’t anyone be entitled to model a pair of jeans, as long as they wear it well?

I know, rhetoric and incredulous question indeed. Oh well, but do read the articles and how much this particular billboard is making the rounds on the internet.


3 thoughts on “breakthrough

  1. Well don’t know if the desis have arrived but does make one think… With the First Lady celebrating Diwali. This Gap poster… Acknowledgement of the
    growing power of a community?!?

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