a book and a gift

I always fluctuate between over-rating and under-rating a surprise.

Regardless of what the reaction is, I suppose there is comfort in knowing that there is a slight shift in the emotional status quo regardless of the quality of change.


I got this over the snail mail on Friday. I had no idea of the person in the FRom address and with the way my brain’s been stretched and potholed recently, I completely forgot a conversation I had earlier in the week with another online (blogger) friend of mine. After staring at this neat bubble wrapped book  awhile, (as an aside, I don’t recall ever seeing a book come in bubble wrap!) the two incidents snapped together not unlike in the movies or CSI and I smiled.

This book was on my list to complete  since it came out and made such a furor in the literature online circles.

I rented the book from the library twice. The second time even paying a hefty fine, maybe enough to actually get me my own copy, but I never did move past the first few pages. No, not that it was boring or any such, I was at a phase where I couldn’t get my mind to stay still to focus on the words.

Neways, after some sinking in, I was happy. It’s been ages since I got something in the mail. Something I did not order or ask for.

It felt good.

Now to read it. Long overdue. Way way overdue.


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