on equality

It is true that they say that women and the girl child are denied the equal rights, respect and freedom as their male counterparts.

We’ve read about it all so much. In different countries, communities and cultures.

We’ve also read about how much more prevalent it is in the less educated, rural areas. We’ve also read about the misconception of such underlying attitudes that are actually present in the upper class, educated and respectably placed higher ranks of society.

But, when it hits you square in your face with words that are impeccably clean, clear and ring loud, that’s when you realize the staccato of your heart, the dry mouth and the sweat pooling at your hairline are all signs.

They are signs of fear and despair.

Of being locked down. Breathless and stifling and without a way out.

Until then, they are just words, flying around aimlessly. Till they find their target.


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