There is a certain naive chutzpah in the kind of blog posts I write. When I started it, I was just another blog. Another nameless person who tapped words away and one among many. Then I got smoked out and I continued, intermittently, occasionally hesitating, sometimes braving and at times not caring, and the other times editing it to make it workable.

I imagined that the natural progression and the worst that could happen would be to play dodge ball. With situations, confrontations, or ones who may just use pieces of words here out of context to their own profit. Then again, I believe teh world is a much better place than we give credit for and people are generally very nice, unless they are affected in some way and situations dictate their behavior. No one is inherently wicked or mean and no one has an agenda all the time.

I still believe in that despite a few awkward moments. At best, that’s all they can be. If everyone lives up to their expectations of doing the right thing and not intrude into another person’s thoughts or life, it’s all good.

As long as information gathered is digested and understood, there is no intrusion.

Once that information is used to be acted upon for personal benefits, that’s trespassing.

That’s when it starts to bruise the heart that I wear on my sleeve here.

But then, I asked for it. Most hearts are protected against wear and tear, under wraps as they are meant to. I don’t. Not because I don’t care for it, but because the heart likes the sunshine and the warmth and the freedom of the air and the open space.

No one’s to blame. It’s all part of my choice to wear my sleeve out on my personal blog.



One thought on “chutzpah

  1. I have had people ask me about the loss of privacy by blogging. My excuse is that no one cares about my life…however, sometimes there is a troll that shakes the belief. Thankfully those are ephemeral and the balance returns soon enough.

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