facing fear: speaking out

New article and part of a series on Facing Fears. The struggles I faced internally as a child, teenager and as an adult and how I overcame (some complete, some partially) most of them. Maybe it will help others identify, relate and give them the courage to dust themselves off it and be free.

Why is being free important?

Coz it harnesses potential. It makes you grow uninhibited, and to your fullest.

Isn’t that what we are destined to do and the most important reason we are placed on this wonderful earth and society?

Do head on over and read: Facing Fear: Speaking out. Part 1 of the weekly series.


2 thoughts on “facing fear: speaking out

  1. You were a quiet child? You’ve bloomed beautifully from where you started.
    I was a quiet child, surrounded by the exact same fears that you describe, and continue to be that way.

  2. aw thanks LG – well, what works and worked for me may not have worked for you. Sometimes we think we romance the notion that we may be better off being another way, it may not be so. The irony is that we may actually never know.. :-)

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