113/144 days

Less said about this week, the better. Yes, that bad.


  • Zilch, except for Yoga and a heck of a lot of driving.
  • I had a birthday squeezed in, where I spent all evening on the road scuttling along hi-ways carrying baggage and persons around.
  • It took its toll. I was beginning to feel stiff by Friday.
  • Saturday was disastrous with me flying off the ground, landing on my bad knee buckled under me. It appropriately ballooned with time and rest despite ice, so there went the weekend.
  • This is Monday 6th, and am still sore in the leg and have an intense stiff painful back.


  • It’s been okay. I did eat a fair amount of cake though :-)

Thought for the week:

Sometimes, it’s okay to stop and smell the roses and eat cake. In our rush to push ourselves we forget that we need to be kind. We are one of a kind and we are special. We deserve to slow down and live the moment.



Tomorrow is a brand new day and beginning. I miss the sauna and the gym.



8 thoughts on “113/144 days

      • That’s the point. To take the good with the bad. There are days when we can squish in a couple of hours at the gym, and there are others when mommy duties take precedence. Life goes on. Good luck with your knee and be careful about putting yourself under too much stress.

  1. Ouch! I can almost feel your soreness and stiffness. I suggest you see the doctor, if you haven’t. At least he may be able to give you a muscle relaxant. And it ties in with being kind to yourself. :-)
    Tomorrow tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow…you are only a day away…feel better, sweetie…

    • Thanks Deepa :-)
      I swallowed a couple of Aleves and took 3 days easy. Went to the sauna today and did some stretches for 15 minutes inside. It’s unbelievable really :|

  2. Did I miss your birthday? I am sorry I keep missing birthday notifications on FB. Belated happy birthday to you from a fellow Aquarian! (yes I am reminding people that mine is coming up too esp. since it is a milestone birthday ;))

  3. OUCH! I sib-consciously massaged my knee as I read it – writing that good, pain that bad for you:( Hope you feel better – take rest. ( I love that word!)

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