127/144 days

The past week has been rushed in a few different ways (what’s new eh?) and I missed the Thurs posting. Figured just as well shift to Sundays.

Here’s a not-exactly-a-weekly update:


  • Yoga on Wednesdays continues to be awesome. Completely killed myself with the stretches, but it’s been worth it.
  • Last Friday, I over did the bike and treadmill. I was to have jumped off after 15 minutes on bike (after 15 on treadmill) but met an acquaintance and we  started chatting and I biked away to 30 minutes. That hurt the next two days. My quads killed me Sunday night and I decided to rest them a couple of days.
  • Ive been on my feet all week. As in continuous standing for ong periods of time. It hasnt been bad at all. It did hurt when I came back home, but it wasn’t to the point that I wailed. (I used to)
  • Last Sunday the 15th, I was in DC (on a cold morning) for a photo shoot of a friend and her fiance. From 9 through 1. On my feet.  Tuesday was at son’s basketball game, Wednesday was at the daughter’s science fair*which I loved!) and Friday,Saturday was at dance rehearsals, and today I ran on a bowl of cereal at 8 am all through the day, dressing the girls up in costumes. traveling,helping the other students, and then MCing (staying on my feet) the entire dance ballet of 2 plus hours.
  • This isn’t a brag post,but the fact that my back didnt hurt as much and my energy levels are up is a good sign. Am not completely there yet, but I’ve made tremendous progress and that makes me happy.
  • Haven’t been to the gym all week. That’s not right, but it’s been hard. Monday I start again.


  • Breakfast, milk and multivitamin.
  • Rice – it’s being hard not eating it. :-) Though wheat intake as rotis, and different kinds (tofu, ragi, vegetable mixed in) has increased.
  • I really must up fruit intake. Been a bad week for that, coz I am running the kitchen on reserves. No time to shop!

Thought for the week:

ps:If you haven’t visited that site, please do. I’ve done my part and stuck notes around too. It’s fun :)


I feel good. I feel like am in control again, physically. I also feel happier and more accomplished with the past week. Over the last 10 days, I have given my time (as I volunteered without expectations) my knowledge and gained some (while at the high school science fair, it’s brilliant. Highly recommend)  and I have given happiness (to a young couple in love and ready to be married), I am proud and happy to have been part of a dance production this afternoon, where my voice choked seeing little girls grow in front of my eyes and become such capable versatile dancers. It’s an honor and I am counting my blessings as I write.

Physically, I could not have pulled this heavy long week off six months ago. I just did. I am living and kicking well to say it all.

That’s saying something.

Doesn’t mean I’ve been the perfect girl scout. I have slipped a couple of times, and am not proud of it. They will be fixed. Gym shall resume religiously.


6 thoughts on “127/144 days

  1. Look ahead and look forward to your goals. Some days are good and some not so good. You have mentioned that your feet are not as painful, so that is a great sign that you are on the right path. I have gone through terrible back problems. When I got over that with yoga you could find nobody happier than me :).

    Good Luck with your 10K.

  2. You said you have been working on your fitness with the help of yoga and i think thats the reason which is keeping you active no matter how busy schedule you fall into. Initially any kind of excercise would be painful, but as the days go on you improve on your fitness and turn active. And thats good that you also have been following a strict diet along with the exercise which most people fail to do.

  3. how do you do so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? if I day were half as busy as yours, I would probabaly gasp for breadth! phew!

    • lol! Honestly, we all do it. We go through phases and according to our own goals and expectations we have for ourselves and for our kids,we push ourselves. Am in awe of ones who work full time AND manage everything else.

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