it happens

You know how they show blunders in movies?
Where this character is cooking or doing more important open jobs like brain surgery and some part of themselves or tools slip in?

Like while this person is mixing dough and going about gingerly pushing the flour around and making a slow mess, and all the time he or she is keeping an eye on that thumb covered in a band aid. Then they finish and while washing their hands, realize that the thumb now is bare.

That moment of revelation. It happens in real life too.

Just saying.


10 thoughts on “it happens

  1. Hahaha, glad I’m not invited to this meal. Otoh, make the best of it. Play the “find the surprise in the chapati” game – should be a riot until someone actually finds the surprise.

    • A&N: I sliced my hand along with the vegetable a day ago. I had a band-aid on. I bravely ventured making parathas. I lost the band-aid in the dough :)

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