..and statues of course! You thought I was gonna write something else didn’t ya? Shame on you. :-)

Alright, so in the weirdness and randomness that makes me, I have the urge to know of all the Gandhi statues and busts that exist OUTSIDE of India. Actually, there is a method to the madness that’s me, and why I need this information, but for now, let’s not go there.

Here is the one at Dupont Circle in DC: (image source; Flickr) ; Though one of these days am making a trip in myself.

So if you live outside of India, and are reading this, it becomes your moral, civic, and blog-reader duty to dig into that memory of yours and comment below?

Paintings don’t count, just little, large, smal, wood, bronze, brass, stone, whatever, give me one listing of a Gandhi statue that you remember seeing in any of the 50 states. I have my research going, and the collection’s neat so far, and I have also roped in the big guys to help me out, BUT the readers matter! The eyes and memory of all you who read me, and I know you do coz the stats don’t lie, even if you are just lurking around my blog. See, I know ;-)

Even if you don’t know of any, now would be a good time to use those fingers, type “Hey rads, sorry, No clue” That works too.

Any and all help appreciated. All I need is a vague location, city/state. I will sleuth the rest. I make a darn good detective and have psyched many out and will continue to do so. ..and I mean psyche in a nice way. Not the creepy stalker kind of way.

Yeah? Thank you very much!


22 thoughts on “busts

      • That’s awesome, thanks Gagan! :)

        lol@congrats. No, I wish, but no. :)

        Isn’t it interesting that there is a Gandhi statue placed on a street called Churchill! That is very interesting considering how they clashed.

  1. ..and statues of course! You thought I was gonna write something else didn’t ya? Shame on you. :-)

    I think Gandhis picture (in the FB link) put that thought to rest :-)

  2. Vijay: :-D Very shmart! ..and it’s great seeing you back here :)

    bhel: Yep, The union Sq. :)

    bookworm: Yes, I remembered the wax idol, but not sure if it could count towards a public figure monument sorts.

    Praveen: Of course :)

  3. Saumya: I have this interesting anecdote of that particular Gandhi you speak about from the man leading the Foundation here in the US. Will share soon :)

    Gowri: Thank you! That’s a good find. :)

    rrmom: Thanks so much for digging up the picture!

    Appreciate it all ladies. :)

    • Ah! I see you found this space. Thanks! :)

      Yes, the MLK center and I believe the location is quite the strategic point. Also, first one on Federal property. Straight from the person who helped set it up? :-)

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