behind aka the back

Sciatica is truly a pain in the derriere.

I’d kill to get this done. Minus the sound effects of course. Where does one find a Phoebe, the masseuse in real life?

..and since we can’t just stop with one teeny bit of Friends, here’s one more. The ending is an ‘aw’ – something that I’ve been saying more than once past few days.

What do you know, after the laughs, the derriere has already taken a back seat!

O crap, apparently embedding’s been disabled. Didn’t realize, and now I don’t the time to fix this. Sorry guys, but Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “behind aka the back

  1. Hey,
    Had to comment that you have a helluva blog…just finished reading your archives….had been glued to the blog since a week and just done with your most recent post….Lady, you rock!!

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