kora kagaz

There’s something to be said of songs of yester-years. It’s most likely the indulgence we willingly put ourselves through of reliving the past. In any sense that most resonates the endorphin rush.

The lyrics do it for me. Now. The last time I heard this song, it was the beauty of Sharmila. The other time it reminded me of the song – Sapnon ki Rani- coz we performed it some time. It’s different each time. Music does that to you. Memories triggered to completely wash you over with what it feels at that point.

So what does this song remind you of?


11 thoughts on “kora kagaz

  1. Its always different when you hear it no? Every single time I listen to the old songs, memories of my life in the past come flooding in, apart from a new meaning to the songs themselves :)

    I loved this post, Rads. I’m a sucker for old bollywood numbers and this was just the right thing for me!

  2. A&N: It’s like reading a book for the tenth time. You always read it slightly differently :)

    Bookworm: It so is. The whole movie was something else.. the numbers at least :)

    Praveen: Kishore chodo, look at Shashi Kapoor :|

    Bits: LOL! That bouffant belonged to all the leading ladies of that era! Girth, what girth? I am just watching his very dashing smile! :-)

  3. Reminds me of sweet Indian romance…and I always thought Rajesh Khanna looked so hot in this movie…ha ha…Reminds me that love is about souls…very beautiful!

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