a couple

It’s amazing how two people, raised into their adulthood as individuals ,come together, willing to start afresh, adapt and enjoy the companionship that they bring to each other. The power of love.

***A photoshoot (my very first official one) that I did for the soon to be married couple this summer. Downtown DC is a delight and Meridien Park has all that a couple and a photographer need to fill romance into the air.
An awesome, exciting experience that I hope will be the beginning of more fun.***

Flickr Set of the couple

*** Disclaimer – All pictures on this blog are copyrighted. Please do not “borrow” without checking with me. Ask and ye shall receive.***


6 thoughts on “a couple

  1. అంటే, బాగా తీశారు, సినిమా నాణ్యత వుంది అని నా అభిప్రాయం. బాగా తీశారు, ప్రోత్యేకించి ఈ పటము. బాగా కూర్చించారు, భేష్!

  2. Aanntha, Kusublakki: Thank you :-)

    Akshay: I got a mild infarction when i saw the swirls – Telugulo comment enti kothaga? :O

    Rads teesina cinema :D Thanks though, lovely to see you back!

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