Cold water gushing with exuberance and an old world charm lit by the morning sun.

Meridien Hill – Washington DC (So much character, it’s a photographer’s delight, located right in the heart of NW, blocks away from the White House.)

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5 thoughts on “gush

  1. Yes, it was around 8 in the morning (for a couples photo shoot), but the sun shone just perfect. The fountain’s at a much higher level off the ground; the park rises to an extent – and just as I came up the stairs, I saw this and was completely taken.

  2. The pic captures the vitality of the moment – Thats what i exactly like about this shot! what interests me is not the fountain but sheets of water falling down on both side. And i dont know what and how, but something worked out well in B&W.

  3. Sandy: thanks! :)

    Aakarsh: Yep, the color one kinda clashes is my honest opinion.. and the sunlight and shadows are better played out here where there’s enough contrast..

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