birth of the gyanugget so impressed with my Facebook status update, that I had to just blog about it:

When most teens of these days have the maturity of adults; to make up for the lack of juvenile behavior in the world and to balance it all; some adults step in.

Don’t know about you, but I have living examples of the above said two categories.

At the rate am going, I think I need a new category to file all these brilliant waves (tattuvams) that hit me.

What say I call these Gyanugget?

Gyan + Nugget = Gyanugget. (I know it sounds lame, but that doesn’t mean I want to hear you say it, so shush up)


9 thoughts on “birth of the gyanugget

  1. ROFL @ gyanugget! I know many who fit the bill of your message, and am tempted to flick this line and put it up on my FB too! I wont, coz they would see and ask me whom I was talking about! :)

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