am done

..blogging. Indefinitely. Thanks for reading.

New Chapter, New Life.

2010 is my year after all.


24 thoughts on “am done

  1. New Chapter, New Life, New Blog?
    Wishful thinking?

    All right! I’ll keep quiet.

    I thought your writing was excellent. Sorry to see you go.

    If I may ask, what caused this sudden decision. You sounded like a person who likes writing for just what it is – writing. No frills – just you, your thoughts and your writing.

  2. Adenti radhika garu, chaala miss avthamu….marosari alochinchandi thappani paristhitilo chepalsi vasthe kanaka…. Have a fantasic year…its all yours…

  3. so when is happening.. will wait for you.. It was a pleasure to read you and am sure in future will be too.. Good luck to you and your family.. yes this year is yours!!

  4. Aww! Such an anticlimax this :( The one year, I decide to blog, is the year you decide to take a break!

    Hope you come back and come back strong!!! :) If you get some time, do check out

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