qotd 2

In a relationship of any kind (relationship being loosely defined as one in which there is a familiarity and connection between two entities, regardless of depth or quality) entity A decides to leave, and the other entity B lets the former go, without a murmur, without a fight, without a question.

Does it always mean that entity A (who can very well be the master of his domain) is of no value or use to entity B?

Or perhaps, there is no value to be gained in the relationship? (should all connections be of value at all?)

Or perhaps there is understanding and mutual regard for the decision (which I think still deserves a murmur, however soft)

Somehow, I feel there should be something else that is lost between the obvious cracks that am totally missing.



26 thoughts on “qotd 2

  1. Or sometimes A’s reasoning makes no sense, so u just give up trying to understand, reason and murmurs/fights/questions, etc. Or A has unreasonable expectations and it just can’t be met. You see, recently B. I spent the whole week being not even sure if I should feel guilty abt the no fight/question/murmur part.

  2. Rads, this is waaaaaaay too much to introspect at 4 in the morning. I have to drive the Debate Club. Will respond when I can understand what you have written. Too high-brow.

    Hope your dental visit went better than expected. Not all of us can have our Greek Gods ;-) but you can watch the new Percy Jackson movie with the kids :D and sigh!

    • Girl, 4 is early, I agree. I was up at 5 driving the daughter to a track event and I thought track meets are insane, and that’s physical, as opposed to debating. :|

      Oh yes, I traded in a Greek God dentist for a brown-eyed, cutely accented sharp nosed Saudi! I like.

      • Not only was it too long, it was also too complicated. I’d go with names. Amitabh and Zeenat, for instance. Or MGR and Savitri, to help the grandma readers.

        Zeenat no like Amitabh. Want to punch. *POW!!* Feel guilty. Fall in love. Marry.

        • You could add other distractions, of course.

          Buy Dog. Dog poo. Poo smells. Clean poo. Eat dog.

          And the ending can always be improved through babies, in typical desi style.

          Fall in love. Marry. Make babies. Make more babies. Make some more babies. Make twins. Stare at the stars and get inspiration. Lay in bed and get bored. Make triplets.

          You get the idea. 137 words?! What a waste…

  3. Hahahah if its virtual ‘relationship’ its all the more easy. Thats why many sometimes opt for this type of relationship, easy to make, easy to break.
    But if its not, … I dont know.

  4. Maybe A is hurt and angry about being the one investing herself, every single time. Maybe B knows that. And yeah, maybe the relationship is of no value to A.

    So, how have you been??

  5. Or maybe, everything that has to be said has been said. Arguments made, incompatibility agreed upon and finally when A wants to leave, it is all there is left, and B accepts without a murmur.

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