It’s that time of the year again. To have or not to have!

Have a wonderful fun-filled, productive and awesome 2010! I know I will. :-)


29 thoughts on “resolutions

  1. Hahaha!

    One useful way to manage “resolutions” is to have realistic goals that are tangential — e.g. climb Denali in 2011. That way, you’ll work towards the goal, and weight loss, getting in shape etc. are merely tangential results of the effort.

    But there will always be cake…

  2. chotusworld: Oh yes, it’s been a productive and satisfying holiday time, can’t believe it’s day 3 in a few hours already!
    Of course you got to eat cake :-)

    nandini: lol, we can’t let go of the cake dear! :-)

    Buddy: Thanks :-)

    Metlin: That makes a lot of sense. Though I worry that the larger the goal, the more intimidating it could quickly get. Maybe the idea is to set a goal and then break it down into do-able chunks, helps the motivation part of it.

    Dev: Look ’em up often, and stay on the bigger picture, you’ll be fine :-)

    sree: Yep, thanks so much for doing the tag :-)

    Shilpa: :-)

  3. Rads – Happy New Year to you and family. I am with you on the ‘Non-Cake’ path :) Got 15 + to loose.

    It will be slow and steady..but definitely seek inspiration from the Masters like you.

    • heh, no masters, we all are in the same boat! :-)

      Am doing some crazy stuff, maybe I should blog about it so I don’t feel like the only clown doing all of the stuff!

  4. Question: I drew that up while on a break. Go ahead and use it. Thanks for asking!
    Would of course appreciate sourcing it back here :-)

    Sorcerer: heh!

    Sirpy: Perhaps. :) …but one tolerates nagging from a crush too? :O

    Kid: Good luck and may 2010 be your year! :)

    • Am sure it is, and I’ve seen it happen with my posts once. It’s unfortunate, and hard to keep track, and I suppose a watermark would help, but if someone really wanted to copy, they’d do it anyway. There’s always a circumvent.

      Appreciate it, and will do :)

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