standing packed
in anticipation
brimming a dreamy symphony

whispering the same
in repetition
silencing a misty cacophony


to awake in the music
to dance in the echos
to shimmer in the ripples

to be alive

an orchestra in order
bows bent
backs straight
in attendance
in anticipation
in repetition

to wake up and dance and shimmer with life

his breath to surge
his eyes to rove
his finger to trace

to render her


7 thoughts on “tactile

    • ha, I believe you need your own domain and stuff to embed voice file. Found out when I couldn't do the voice thing at my other blog. I just used audacity. Or see if you can host it at any space and then link that? I do have a reader and yes, updated :)

  1. Hey Rads,

    Its been a while.. Missing your writing.. Hope you could take sometime to send out your beautiful work to your devoted readers.

    Much love,

  2. ????? ???, ??? ??????? ????? ??????, ???????, ?????? ??????????? ? ????? ????????????? ?? ????? ?????. ? ?????? ????? ??????? – ????? ?? ?????????? ???? ??????????? ??? ??? ???? ???????????. ?????????? ????????? ???????????? ? ???????? ????????????? ?????.

  3. ok, I suppose you have succumbed to twitter and facebook and have thus stopped blogging.

    No NO how can that be? Unless you ave mastered the art of penning ces mots in 140 characters :P

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