the breed’s on the decline. rapidly. i speak of the ones that can give with the slightest hint of ‘need’ or ‘want’, the ones that can give without expectations, and the ones that thrive on ‘giving’.

i speak of simpler stuff that our everydays are made of.

smile, a kind word, a thoughtful gesture, a moment to stop and enquire.

i speak more of the art of giving without being asked.

someone tells me it’s a sign of weakness – to show that you care, that you are capable of giving and that stopping to do so only reveals a vulnerable side.

then again, have you noticed how when one does ‘give’ – literally, palm over palm, just because we are a visual clan and visual cues almost always helps light those ways; the act of giving always hints of a larger heart, person, character?

8 thoughts on “givers

  1. I think that those who can receive gracefully are also in decline. It’s hard for me to accept anything without feeling put on the spot. It’s a shame how with all of the possibilities of communication, we still can’t connect.

    • You know Heather, that’s a valid point, but from what I see, I see more takers than givers and the takers are quite prim about it. Not gracious, but overtly prim..

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