Driving back at 9.45 pm from the numerous Varalakshmi Vratam visits, this is an interesting clip of conversation that the daughter and I had.

Me: Tomorrow’s Saturday. You have your class rt?

D: No mom. I don’t.

Me: Really? It was this week that it got canceled?

D: Yep. Didn’t we just go over this yesterday?

Me: No. I don’t think so. *frowning*

D: Oh fine. I forgive you.

Me: Gee, thanks. So what else you got?

D: Oh. we should buy me closed shoes for camp next week.

Me: Right. I meant as in classes and stuff.So okay, good, nothing for you!

D: Nope. That’s why am going for bro’s basketball games.

Me: Oh yes, he’s got 2 games back to back?

D: Yes. You’re coming right?

Me: I donno. What time’s the first game?

D: 9.30 I think.

Me: Okay. We’ll see.


Me: So apart from his games there’s nothing else?

D: Nope.

Me: Really?

D: Mom. I don’t have anything. Munchkin doesn’t have anything.

Me: Right. Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything for me either! Perfect! Yay! I can actually sleep in tomorrow?

D: er, sure. You don’t care for your son’s basketball, I see how it is. Sure sleep away mom, sleep away.

Me: Wait. The game’s at 9.30. I said am gonna sleep in. Nobody wake me up before 8! *grinning and declaring triumphantly*

D: *chuckles* Mom! You call 8 am sleeping in? That’s just pathetic mom! Really. Knowing you, you’d be biting away nails at 6.00.


Grr! Am gonna show her. I shall roll on that bed and read in bed and starve if I have to, but I shall not get up till 8 am. There!

15 thoughts on “sleeping-in

  1. I plan to do the same, but unfortunately my 2yr old loves to wake up at 5 on weekends, where on weekdays he wont even move until 8… lucky me at mom’s home…Grrr

  2. For all overtly concerned and the chucklers included, yes, my brain was up and functioning since 6.45 (hey, better than 6 as declared before) but I rolled in bed and fussed enough to kick the husband out earlier than his schedule.

    I dozed in and out and got out at 8.07 am. See, I can sleep in too you know!!

  3. I live life the same fastrack way!!! For me 7.30 is sleeping -in…and my family thinks i’m crazy if I say I need sleep..

    Did you finally roll over and starve yourself and sleep in???

  4. Lol!
    So did you sleep in till 8 AM?
    Well.. my sleep in typically is till 1130 AM, and read in bed till 130 PM. Only then will the stomach start grumbling.. :)
    *tries to make Rads jealous*

    Came here through many many blogs.. :)

  5. Heh heh! Amajing conversation. :) I suppose sleeping-in-ultimatum gradually gets earlier till you actually have kids, when it takes a plunge and becomes – as you said, 8 AM!
    I don’t have kids of my own but it is lot of fun watching my nephew grow up (he is three). Sometime last year I had a conversation with him where I told it was imperative for me to wear pants when I go out to the play area with him.

  6. I’d love to sleep in, but the old bod has got so use to getting up early that I can’t:(
    My youngest can happily sleep till mid-afternoon, given half a chance!

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