Rambodoc aka our very own blogsphere’s Dr Evil, throws the 7-day challenge to ones who are brave, or masochist or just plain concerned about themselves, enough to attempt it.


In one of those nincompoop moments when the brain’s half dead from exhaustion after teaching kids all morning and then spending another couple of hours  choreographing a music piece for another set of 8 year olds, I open the reader and I see this. I sign up, and then go “Oh crap! what the heck did I just do?!”

Then I did what one does faced with a ‘situation’. Assess it. So here are the rules, and what’s at stock.

  • One week, starting Monday to the next Monday. Okay, done. March 30th Thru April 06
  • No sugars. I believe I can handle that. Not a juice drinker, and the only sugar I have is in my one cup of coffee a day. I can give that up and do Tea I guess, until I go become cuckoo with caffeine withdrawal, and then people will just have to bidn me down to a chair or lock me up.
  • No Alcohol. Easy peasy. Oh wait, I can’t have that nice red wine I got us last week? Darnit!
  • No Grains. This is going to be the one that’s gonna pull me down. I can go three days without rice, but no wheat or any whole grain? I can’t eat my trusty oatmeal? Shoot. This is a death warrant I siged up for, didn’t I? Don’t answer that.
  • No processed foods. Yeah, okay, do-able.
  • Not eat out at all. hmm… I believe I can handle that fairly okay except for lunches. That means I need to wake up another 20 minutes ahead and cook me some veggies for lunch.
  • Workout everyday. Yeah, I do four right now, I can push me I think.
  • Eat veggies. Yay.
  • Eat Fruits. bleah, okay.
  • Eat meat and eggs. Eggs I can.
  • Fast for 18 hours – You have got to be kidding me! I have an intrinsic loathing towards fasts. Especially more so when they are religious-oriented, which this isn’t, but am just saying. Scarred for life growing up with mom going on such fasting binges. It just doesn’t seem right that God would want you to go fast. oh ok, it’s all about determination and self-control, and food’s a basic instinct and all that, but I donno, never worked for me. So will I? For me to eat some breakfast at say 8 am, I ought stop eating at 2 pm the day before? *please tell me I did the math wrong* . I am not going to promise this one. I shall give it an honest try, and if I cant handle it, eat I shall, and ‘fess too. Sorry!

So why am I doing this?

One: To reduce the darned fat number. I did lose 1% down since countdown, but it needs to go down more.

Two:  Just to see if I can. Remember my countdown? Yeah. One of those things that we put ourselves through to see the kind of stuff that we are made of.  To put it dramatically, am swimming as strong as I can along with the currents, the stuff that just comes from just being, and the ones that will be added in the immediate future as I see it.

Strength. Resilience. Tenacity and Determination. As much as we know our capabilities, a little assurance can go a long way.

Frankly, this is a stressful week at work, and the next few weeks are packed in more ways than one, and there’s just lots going on at home that needs attention, so am wondering if my glucose levels and other bio-chemical functions would get messed up and hence affect my brain and functioning? What if I become cuckoo and delirious and run amok. I wouldn’t right? Well, considering it’s a thin line between sanity and not, I am going to throw the burden of responsibility on you guys. *shmart na?*

So here’s how I need some help:

I can eat eggs, veggies, fruits and milk products. Would you be so kind as to leave me recipes or links for recipes I can sustain on and not go kill myself in the next one week? Am vegetarian btw. Ideas and links would work just great.

Ones who want to join in or watch me (talk about an open legit invite for becoming a voyeur), I don’t want to flood my blog, with daily updates so will be micro-blogging on twitter. Either follow me there or feed off the RSS or peek in if curious.

The rest can of course be silent or cheer me on. Keep an eye out for me and wish me luck when you see me flagging, coz I know that’s a possibility. Thanks!


66 thoughts on “dr.evil

  1. So am I.
    First things first, how did you get my picture: don’t tell me, the internet?
    Second, if you dig salads, have a big one that will sate you for hours at a time, while giving your body unpronounceable things to celebrate about. In your salad, add chunks of paneer or some cheese, three boiled eggs (WHOLE ones), a few nuts like walnut or flaxseeds, and a tablespoon or two of olive oil, and some Italian seasoning…. MAGIC! Remember, all you are giving up are major, artificial sources of carbs. You can do all the proteins and a lot of the fats you normally wouldn’t. And fat makes food tasty, and keeps your cravings away.
    Another simple recipe: slice some paneer, cut two peppers (red and yellow), add any other veggies you like, and throw them in a large spoon of olive oil or butter. Salt and pepper, or Italian seasoning, and a great meal is done in 5 minutes, I kid you not!
    If you eat clean, you will not feel sick or unwell. I feel superman-like on my fast days. I started on it from 2 PM yesterday, and will break it for lunch today. Only lemon-water and liquor tea (green tea is even better). Remember, NO sugar!
    And best of luck!

    • heh, pop doc that you are :p

      Great! Thanks for recipes. It’s teh planning of the meals that’s a lot more brain work than sticking to the regime.

      I hope I stick with it :)

  2. Hehehe I tried something like this a while back – it was tough – pretty much a detox lol but it was for 4 weeks!! we made it to about 2 weeks lol.

    here’s a good frittata recipe –

    I added spanish onions, chilli, baby spinach leaves (instead of parsley) and low-fat fetta in it as well (u can used ricotta if u like but fetta has more taste) and used 1Tb olive oil instead of butter. Sprinkled some low-fat mozzerell (or a bit more fetta if you like) on top before putting it in the over/grill. Added 2 more eggs coz of the extra veggies.

    Have with a green salad if you want and modify it to add some

    REALLY nice and filling (in fact had some left over for breakfast the next morning lol).

    • ooo, yay! Thanks for the recipe. I could use more!

      4 weeks must be hard. We need iron willpower! I usually am not extreme, but this I want to try :)

  3. Good luck!

    There is hardly anything in this list (except the 18 hours fast and no grains) that I already don’t practice in life! My sugar intake is little too.

    I hope you will be successful in this endeavour and embrace it for good with some modifications! :D

  4. Vikas: Those are the most important things to do, especially if you are fat! :-) I guess you are not!
    Silvara: Low fat anything is all crap: eat full fat stuff. The fat is not the villain, the carbs are…
    Rads: As I write this, I am half an hour away from a 24 hour fast, and it has been immensely enjoyable. I drank a lot of lemon water, tea and coffee (a recent trend). I will eat soon, and feel as good. The sense of satisfaction and achievement is fulfilling and confidence-boosting!

    • Am sure@your last line.

      Endorphin release and all that stuff that makes us smile eh? :)

      Agree@low fat. Husband and I big on eating the good stuff in limited quantities, not the half/low in large…

  5. @Rads – Good luck with this.. I am right behind you as I was with your previous “countdown”… fully moral supporting !!

    Seriously, I really appreciate anyone who does these sorts of things.. I dont have the discipline to do this…

  6. Let me see, No sugars – so coffee cut; no grains – toughie, really ? none at all :(; work out everyday – death knell :D I don’t eat meat or eggs. And its just one 18hr fast for the whole week right ?! Will see how it goes for you and hop on next week :P I already had cereals for breakfast and brought chapati for lunch :D

  7. ooooh, just read the original post, we can have quinoa, soy and beans….that makes it feel so much more do-able :) So may be pesarattu (without rice in the batter) and even adai can be eaten na ? and all sorts of sundal ? a stir fry of veggies with tofu may be….hmm will come back if I have more ideas.

  8. Not a blogger, but will join in as well – but – clarifications please:

    1) No sugars – does that just mean no added sugar? i.e. natural sugars in fruit etc. are OK?
    2) is Yogurt allowed? Homemade curd? I cannot do without the curd.

    Sadly, I do almost all of the list already…my list of processed foods is small (bread, some crackers), workouts are severely restricted, as my asthma is at its peak due to Spring allergies – will see if giving up the dinner phulkas makes a difference!


    • Yeah, to do this you don’t have to be blogger :p

      From what I understand:
      1. Natural sugars are ok. I drank black coffee this morn. Fruits are good, and more than good too.

      2. Of course yogurt! Need the dairy. Not giving that up.

      Don’t ask@spring allergies! *arghh*

  9. Wonderful. With the exception of rice almost similar to my daily diet. I just switched to brown basmati rice since yesterday and to be honest it tastes quite yummy and once you put the huli or saaru you cannot tell the difference.

    OK. I make the red Quinoa from the box. Cool it and add fresh green chillies, avocado pieces, fresh coriander lots and lots of lemon juice and mix it. You can add cucumber for crunch. It is very yummy and stays for a couple of days and it makes you feel “clean”, if you know what I mean ;-)
    Start sprouting green mung beans add some pomegranate and chillies and munch on it for lunch.

    I make pesrat out of the sprouted mung like one of your commentators said. No rice flour. Lots of chillies. My kids really really love it.

    Toast some walnuts in the microwave and they are yummy and crunchy. Just a little pick-me-up when you need it in the afternoon. and Almonds are good for memory.

    Can we keep adding more things as we remember? Today dinner is cooked black-eyed peas with toor dal and a bag of spinach with huli/saaru pudi. Eat a big bowl of it and you will be full.

    Good Luck and I hope you achieve the numbers. Is this for a blood test? My friend stops eating marmalade jam 1 month before her sugar test. I always tell her she is cheating but she claims her sugar is perfect ;-)

    • lol@cheating. Nono, no blood test. Just needed a push start. Am doing okay where docs are concerned, it’s more for other reasons. :)

      This is awesome My3. Thanks so much, and yes, please keep adding. Helps get idea that there are in fact tons of desi style veggies we can make and have. Will just have to think it through.

      Will try quinoa today

      Thanks again! Yay :)

    • heh, well, even am not sure about fasting, bt grains is very do-able max. Am serious.

      In any case, I believe the purpose of this is to reduce fat that exists. Can’t do much when one doesn’t ave any in the first place. :p

    • Thank you for delurking and commenting with the useful link! See, this is confusing now.
      I think am just gonna stick with the diet of the sages. Raw veggies, fruits and milk. :\

  10. Well, This is what I can do –
    One week – Ok!!
    No sugar – Well, it’s really, really hard for me, but I will!
    No alcohol – Piece o’cake! I don’t anyway!
    No Grains – :O No rice aa? :O :O I’m not sure, but I’ll try. (This is like depriving a poor man of his only morsel of food! :|)
    No processed food – Aaah! Easy!
    No eat out at all – Very easy! Eating-out is for those with money!
    Workout everyday – Ok!
    Eat Veggies – Ooooo!! Which ones, which ones?
    Eat Fruits – Bring ’em on baby!!
    Eat meat and eggs – I tried eating eggs, but couldn’t. I’ll try again.
    Fast for 18 hrs – Ahem! Fears have been expressed that if I fast, I might reduce to a 2-dimensional cartoon. So, I think I’ll pass on that!

    So, there!! Happy Dieting!

  11. Rads watch this AFTER your session. I am from Mysore and just love the Lalit Mahal Palace.

    Carrot soup

    Fry onions/garlic in very little olive oil. Add some cloves/dalchini/bay leaves/red chillies. Add chopped carrots. Cook. Add chopped sweet potato(they are related to the Morning Glory flower)and cook. Mash with hand blender. Slurrrrp away.(add lima beans if you like)


    Poke holes in a sweet potato and stick in the microwave for 4 minutes. Turn it upside down and microwave another 2-3 minutes. Leave it aside for 4 minutes and then eat. It is extremely filling.

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  13. hmmm should indeed have a lot of patience and will-power to do this…i visited a doc yesterday for the same bloating up reasons…now i’m thinkin mayb i should try something like this instaed wasting money on doctors…but controlling my eating habits will b one tough task…all the best to u…the only recipe website i know is vahrehvah.com but don’t go there or u’ll give up all ur hopes…

    • We luuuuuuuuv wahrewah. My younger one son and I sit down and watch him cook and eat. It is typical Madras accent. I learnt a few things from that Tharamani campus. Vah re Vah. I don’t like his new digs. Something has changed :-(

    • Frankly, it’s moderation in all we do, eat and think is required to maintain balance. This borders on brutal, but after 2 days, I seem to be doing ok.
      Just limiting portions and exercise helps a good lot imho. :)
      lol, ok, won’t go now.

  14. I have sugar with my chai. I cannot give that up. The carbs I guess I could do, I already am many months of not eating rice/bread/pasta.but the chai and no sugar will kill me. Good luck with this.

    PS: I was laughing at the mama mia post below. And 3 kids woohoo. I have 4 and no one has touched my feet. I think they fear they will be inflicted with my fertility or something.

    • Oh That’s alright, we all tweak to our capabilities and wants. I doubt I can handle a fast either. Try if you can :)

      heh@inflicted :) It’s a blessing dear girl, always a blessing :)
      Thanks for commenting!

  15. No sugars – Lil difficult as I need my Chai with sugar. Just 2 chai a day.

    No Grains. Umm..difficult, but will try.
    Eat meat and eggs. I don’t eat Egg or meat, so this one I need to pass. But instead will drink milk and yogurt. Or how about Black Chana sprouts for protein.

    Fast for 18 hours – Does the sleeping time in the night count? So if I eat my dinner at 8:30 , then next day evening I can eat something. So that is doable, it is like Karwa Chauth for me :)

    Everything else is totally doable. I will do this next to next week as this week is GM diet(of course my own version of it as I don’t do beef).

  16. well i am in.. but kind o confused too. have been trying my nerves out for the last 3 weeks to lose inches.. phew.. wht rotten luck. no go..cause self control os something i never swear by.. well thts why tht of tryng this one.. do u think it’ll help lose the winter inches which i quite successfully camouflaged under all the woolens.. well lets try and see… i am going to start from the 27th April.. I followed the rule-Monday it is , and will fast on the 4th May-Monday again.. will keep posting my ordeal:))

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