ugadi 2009

Telugu, Kannada vallandariki Sri Virodhi Naama Samvatsara Ugaadi Subhaakaankshalu!
May you all be blessed with happiness and prosperity all through the year! 

Happy Gudi Padwa to the few Marathi folks who drop in. :)

Since it’s a maniacal crazy time and I am as swamped as ever to take a picture of a really dismal pachadi that doesn’t come anywhere close to my usual, I recycle last year’s picture.

 o btw, Can you believe this year’s name!? I mean – Virodhi – seriously? This is like the old custom of naming your kid with a ridiculous moniker, just to ward evil spirits off. Like Pentamma, Pentayya and so on. Thankfully, more such atrocious names elude my brain at this point, but yes, the few telugu understanding ones will know what I mean. 

Is anyone cooking and eating delicacies like Vadas, Bobbatlu (puran poli), Boorelu, or Payasam? Please don’t tell me. :|


45 thoughts on “ugadi 2009

  1. Ugadi Subhakankshalu,Rads!
    Hope this year brings you loads of happiness..
    Pentamma reminds me of the movie rudraveena..shobhana tells chiranjeevi her name is pentamma..and he spends the rest of the day thinking “antha chakkani roopenti,antha chetha peerenti!!!

  2. ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు
    @delicacies – I will try not to tell you tomorrow; invited over for dinner.

    Bachelor bliss!
    – Ramesh

  3. Happy Virodhi Ugadi! I made masal vada, chana daal payasa and ofcourse maavinkai anna. I wonly remembered the bevu part today so shall make it for April 14 which also we celebrate. Eh, How about that, so many many New Years to celebrate in a year. Have a great great Ugadi with few or no Virodhis Rads.

    • oooo, uddinvada = vada with the normal daal? I couldn’t make anything this year. It has been one heck of a crazy day, think I drove close to 100 miles altogether :(

    • VIJAY! How could you. After she has worked so hard on making the goodies you said, “shovel”. I will give you our snow shovel if you don’t apologize to her now!

      • Am quite positive it was the framing of the phrases that went awry. The wife must have said that to him! :D

        *handing Vijay an escape on a gold platter*

        • my my my.. ganging up on poor me…fortunately the wife knows that its an ancient Bart Simpson saying.. and the food was so good that we could not eat it fast enough…
          Her answer.. “Thanks Bart”…
          @My3: With the mess outside our house now.. I could use the snow shovel..pls bring it with you when you visit here :D

  4. I was working yesterday :(
    And no sweets because I have to clear a medical test, based on which I will be permitted to go to Sikkim for a trek. Wives! Doctors! Bah!

  5. Happy new year to you and your family. May the recession end this year. Booboo was suffering with scarlet fever so I was working from for the past two days.except for ugadi pachadi I made nothing.

  6. Belated ugadi wishes rads…nice post n yes i was a little surprised by the year’s name Virodhi…i made no delicacies coz honestly i don’t how to make any except payasam n puliogare (kannada style)…

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