Same time last year I had read the book Palace of Illusions and had reviewed it in my own rudimentary style on the blog. It came as a big surprise that it was linked at Blogbharati and reached more eyes through that avenue in the days after and even a few hits every few weeks or so.  Recently there has been a spur of activity on that search term, and for posterity sakes, I added in a pingback on my own post.

So yesterday as I sat in a meeting with the client in the middle of cold foggy town in Pennsylvania, I checked my email. My eyes popped out of their sockets when I saw a comment from Chitra Divakaruni. I gasped appropriately and created a significant ripple around the large table, and with having no time to further investigate chalked it to someone playing a prank, and hushed myself with the right amount of embarrassment.

I come home beat, and after playing the mom and a cook’s role to the hilt, with my eyes half-dead, I sat to investigate.

It is indeed the lady whose book – Palace of Illusions – I reviewed and enjoyed immensely!

As I let that sink in, am flattered and happy, that the published author of her stance would actually take the time to spend more than a few minutes on my blog! To comment and clarify on the few questions that reading her version of the well written story prompted.

I read my review again, and I dare say am actually quite pleased with what I wrote, and how I wrote it. Reading our own in retrospect brings a fresh perspective to it, and it did.

That made me go back and read a few more posts of those days and I cannot help wonder that my better posts have been during the late ’07 and on in ’08. Sometimes it makes me wonder and I hope am wrong, that maybe just maybe my better times was in the past?

Either way, I couldn’t not post this little happening and brag and gloat on my 2 minutes :-)

There’s of course a person with a sense of humor who’s also posed as Salman Rushdie himself and commented, and it did bring some nice laughs this morning!

56 thoughts on “omigosh

  1. woah ! congrats !! Its ok, if your earlier posts were better. We all enjoy whats coming up these days in your blog! Probably, you could write a post on your best or fav posts, so that we all could read them. I have seen bloggers do that when their blog publishes the 100th post or on their blog anniversay (oh good god, im one of those bloggers too ! :D)

  2. A few months ago I bumped into Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi at a bookstore near my house. I was about to go congratulate him on his award-winning debut novel when I happened to see his book cart. It was overflowing with books he intended to buy. I buy half a dozen books at a time too, but the guy had picked up scores of them. The sight was so intimidating I simply walked past him! Okay, the point I am trying to make is, I know how great it must feel to have an author you admire talk TO YOU!

    My mother-in-law had highly recommended The Palace of Illusions and Ashok Banker’s Ramayana series a while back. I bought the former but it’s been sitting in my bookshelf for months now. Perhaps I will get around to reading it someday soon.

    And hey, may be you should review Rushdie too. You never know ;)

    • ooo, ouch! That was hard. I’ve always believed in the fact that once an ‘artpiece’ leaves the artists hands, the control’s lost. It’s open for all to play or mangle it as they please.

      Another daunting task for a writer is to consistency and continuity. From what I read, his best work came from angst? :-)

  3. Congrats! That was a nice review and having the author compliment is a nice warm bonus. I loved the book and have to say liked your review a lot as well :)

  4. That is very cool. Congrats! Even if we were better in the past, our past is just that – past. It cannot be the same in the present and the future. Like a flame in the candle, we keep changing for better or worse every moment.

    Once again, that is definitely very nice and Congrats!

  5. lol! Thanks Sujata, Jyothy, Ramya, Cynic and Praveen – Though honestly it was just chance, it still felt good! :-)

    note to self: Get cracking and write another post. The bragging’s getting too much already now!

  6. she’s a reallllly nice lady. i’ve met her a couple of times. she probably doesnt even remember me hehe but she lives in houston and a board member of an organization i volunteer with. so i’ve had a couple of chances to talk to her. she is soooooo sweet, soooo humble … really really nice person to talk to.

    but yes, congratulations!! ur review was definitely worth it. :)

    • She does sound it doesn’t she?! It’s a big person who continues to retain themselves through it all! It’s admirable. She replied to my mail too! :-)

      Thanks so much for stopping and commenting! Am thrilled, at all this sudden furor! :D

  7. I actually read Palace of Illusions after reading your review – I am totally with you on the whole “well-written” part, it was one of the best book reviews that I had read. Congratulations.

  8. wow! Congrats! I read your review as well as her comment…. your review is indeed just fabulous. I definitely want to read the book now!
    If you have the chance, you should see Shaoli Mitra’s (does solo drama on stage) depiction of Draupadi. It is a totally different perspective but equally in-depth and interesting!

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