les fleurs de bruxelles

My love for the country and the city is no secret. All I need is an excuse to talk about it, and I do so with gusto, happiness and thrill that’s palpable (as am told) in my words.

When a friend who disappears on me for long periods of time, remembers this little quirk of mine, and sends me these images, they ring precious, thoughtful, and well, poignant. This couldn’t have been timed any more perfect and the big grin on my face says “thank you”!




Grand Place – Center of the city becomes vibrant every alternate year for their August 15th celebrations. Last I saw them was in 1996, and there’s a picture of a very pregnant me holding my one year old daughter atop the City hall looking down at the colors, from the spot I’ve marked. The memory of it came rushing back as I saw these this morning in my inbox and well, what can I say, my heart’s been singing since.

I certainly am blessed! Enjoy!


33 thoughts on “les fleurs de bruxelles

  1. Nice. Lana and I have been thinking about either Brussels or Amsterdam this summer – I think we’ll postpone it to fall, instead.

    Now, let’s just hope that Brussels has at least a half decent night life!

    • Oh it does! Roads are busy up until 2 am even on week days. You could very well look like your profile pic with a beer in the other hand! :-p

      Sep on it gets clammy. mid-june thru mid-august is the best time.

      • Sounds good. Yeah, there seem to be some good clubs with a pretty good music scene.

        Of course, if you notice, my profile picture is *smoking* something. The other hand (which you can’t see for obvious reasons), has several gorgeous women, a glass of scotch on ice and a hand of cards (Royal Flush, no less).

    • Yeah, more than a visit, European cities are best enjoyed staying over, not that it’s always feasible, but still! :-)

      Thanks for dropping and commenting!

  2. I didnt much care for Brussels when I visited there (twice) – I found it frighteningly concreted over and the traffic was … but omigod, this is so GORGEOUS! Brussels deserves to live forever just for this! :)

  3. omigosh! i love belgium :) i really want to visit it again! i remember the grand place, do you remember the statue of the little boy peeing? hahaha that’s the only thing my 7 year old self remembers distinctly.

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