Symptoms: Swinging temperatures, body chills similar to electric jolts, bad rasping old lady’s cough, throat that feels like it got scratched by a mad cat, head pounds like a wild jackhammer within, eyes on fire.



Self- Diagnosis: Sick Little Puppy (SLP)

Prognosis: So-So, a week’s rest would do good.

1. Listen to Mukesh’s songs
2. Eat gallons of ice cream
3. Sit back at home cuddled under the blanket and watch reruns on TBS( Best Friends Wedding currently running)
4. Write a post on how sick you are.
5. Lap up all ‘aw, get better soon’ tweets, emails, chats and calls.

Unique perks of being an SLP:

1. Losing 4.2 pounds in 4 days
2. Husband feeling sorry and offering a date night on Valentine’s day! (what do you know?)
3. Not having to cook at all.
4. Husband letting you mope and sulk around and bringing take-out almost all days
5. Losing 4.2 pounds and the jeans that fit on Saturday don’t fit anymore!
6. Oh, in case you missed it, did you hear? I lost 4.2 pounds!


28 thoughts on “s.l.p

  1. Maybe you should have titled the post as either of the following:-

    “The Tale of 4.2 pounds”
    “The Biggest Loser” (pun intended!)
    “Can you believe it!”
    “Rads Diet!”

    And just for the record – no sympathies from me at all :P, we are the one suffering from your SLP – reading sick blogs (again pun intended!) rather than Fables!!!!

  2. sangeetha: Yes of course! :)

    Pilgrim: Gee thanks! Next time I should ask you to title my post! :p
    lol@fables. They just happen you know, nothing works on demand!

    Bookworm: Absolutely! You have got to try it! :)

  3. 4.2 pounds => 2kgs? Are we facing a weight-loss face-off or something? :-O If we are, bring it on, ma’am! I’ve got GPS tracking and stuff.

    Seriously though, hope you’re feeling better now. :-)

  4. Cyd: Excuse me, look who’s talking? Didn’t you do something far heroic than this recenty? :)

    Apple: lol, no such luck. I ate 3 tsp to be precise. Munchkin wouldn’t share :|

    Doc: Chocolates are like a pop everyday at work. It’s just so hard to resist.
    Am doing better doc, looks like the virus has run its course. At least that’s what the doc said, no infection, just shut up and rest! :)

    Praveen: Had a feeling you’d pick on Mukesh! um.. these are some from long ago. CD’s. I guess we can ask around?

  5. I was goin to say ‘awww’ … but now… gotta tell ya.. 4.2 pounds is quite something!
    But, losing weight when you’re sick doesnt have the same zing as losing it on a diet!!
    But what do I kno…. congrats on the weight loss… and Get well soon…

    ‘aww… u slp!’ :D

  6. whencutdeep – I fixed your comment, and no wp doesn’t have delete comment, which I think it should!

    You right though, I just feel weak, not strong and preppy despite losing pounds. I was trying hard to look at the funny side of things :)

  7. Oh wow!!! 4.2 down..that is incredible. Wish I fall in the same bandwagon since I am at home looking for job. What better time..

    This reminds me of an anecdote, one of my friend had a emergency Appendix surgery and over the month while recuperating he lost 20 pounds as he was initially on clear soup diet and had just apple juice/grape juice. I was so thrilled to learn that(of course felt sad for the appendicites part!) you can loose pounds like this and I started the Soup and juice diet and I couldn’t last more than a day :)

    Still holding on to those pregnancy pounds which I really need to shed!!! Now signed up for a Marathon..lets us see how that helps.

  8. M: ah@pregnancy pounds! They are stubborn aren’t they? Well, if it’s any consolation am still carrying half of it around with me and my lil one’s 4.5 :|

    I am just hoping I won’t put them back on again. Thatsall :)

    Sands: LOL. Pls don’t, it’s awful being sick. The virals especially drain you. Sweating in the gym’s so much better on the psyche. :)

    Nandini: lol, seri seri. I have the strangest feeling that you want to become one not to lose pounds but to lose those word lists :P

  9. s is fine but who is this lp?( i hope i am not being mean:().
    eating icecream and losing weight?sounds good. let me not play spoilsport on wat cud follow.


    hope you get well soon and start posting the grpahs.

  10. Jyothy: Hehe, if you do find ways to voluntarily fall sick, please share! :p

    Shyam: lol, no, this one is for keeps! :D

    Sachita: LOL. Mean streak’s sparkling alright! :p

    Oh yes, the graphs. Am so tempted to start again. They helped didn’t they? :)

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