An entry to the Totally Optional prompts. You may visit here for a short introduction to this piece on my other blog.



1. A song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak.
2. A poem or song of or about lovers separating at dawn.

[Origin: Late 17th century, French, from Old French albade, from Old Provençal albada, from alba, dawn, aubade, from Latin.]



Just a bit longer, stay
I want to kiss you once more

The night as a witness to our desire
Close your eyes,
Can you feel me?
Like I did just hours ago

In the silence of the darkness
Your breath as my beacon
I caress you with my fingertips

Just a bit longer
Make love to me once more

Brushing wavy tendrils away
Your stubble grazes my chin
A passion on a sway
Yet again
Your lips cradled in mine

In the crescendo of our heartbeats
Your voice as my refuge
I echo you with my eyes

Just a bit longer, stay
I want to kiss you once more

The night’s growing old
Dawn’s stealing quietly through
My spine feels a cold
Hold on, don’t let go

In the warmth of this raging amour
My dream as my anchor
I shut my eyes tight

As you must know
I wake with the dawn,
There you go.

Just a bit longer
Make love to me once more


37 thoughts on “stay

  1. Rads, I *do* love the way you subtly word even the raunchiest of emotions – in a completely non-tacky and sweet way – you do have a gift with words (at the risk of repeating myself!)

  2. Enjoyed very much your archives. Your words flow just as others have mentioned.
    This poem is cleverly done with metaphors placed where one usually does not see. Can I ask you to explain certain lines and how you meant them? Unsure about the usage of “beacon” and “echo with eyes” phrases. I hope you don’t mind me asking.

  3. Kiran: I apologise. Your comment got into 'spam' I rescued it and approved, but yet I don't see it. Now I've lost it completely. In any case, here's your clarification you asked.
    "Your breath as my beacon" – Beacon is a shining light cutting through fog. Light is heat, warmth. I hope that was clearer?
    "I echo you with my eyes" – as in what she sees in his eyes, she echos it, reflects it. I could've used 'mirror' but I liked this. It has a literal and figurative meaning to it.

    Hope that helped? Thanks for your kind words. :)

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