What started off on November 24th as a countdown finally culminates tomorrow after 46 days.

I declared haughtily I’d lose 10 pounds. More like a Kannagi (sabadam) avenging the death and termination of the evil 10 pounds. So how did modern kannagi (aka me) do? [for folks who understand, that so isn’t the right comparison, but am tired, had a long day at rehearsals and I still have to pack the stuff for tomorrow, so excuse me while I prattle.]

This morning I weighed and measured me, and this is what I got rid of.

Time: 46 days
Weight: 7.2 pound loss (yeah, I have no idea how that happened. It did on Thursday and has been consistent till this morning!)
Measurement: 8.5 inch loss overall. (That’s a lot, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how that happened. Putting on the inches I mean, losing makes sense.)

The weight and inches have been consistent over the past few days and weeks and even if I do stand on the scale completely clothed and after a dinner, the numbers go up just pound or two. That’s something right? At least it isn’t a fluctuating finicky number.

Workouts have been good. I went three days in a row after Tuesday, and ran through the ellipse, weights and bike, did the HIIT twice. The stress isn’t huge now, and am not half dying, and the knee’s doing much better. In fact one evening I hopped on the rowing machine  and rowed 1000 meters, and boy, what a workout the upper body gets with that!

I feel fine. Energy levels are still the same, I don’t see a huge increase in them, am still an “energizer” bunny as someone once called me, not an energizer on coke, nor an energizer doped. :-)

I have a whole new wardrobe now. The older jeans are out, work clothes are new though it’s still winter and layering’s going on and the desi clothes that I got made, way back in ’01 are now slowly coming out from the boxes. Some fit well, some not so much, and since am no slave to fads, they all are wearable. Sundays need them. I almost also fit into the dance dress I got made in ’01, which was the ultimate goal as I originally planned on wearing it tomorrow. Plans changed as I had to wear a costume to fit the role.

As an aside, I play a man’s role tomorrow. I have no qualms saying that. I mention this coz I was greeted by astonishment, shock, and even mocking laughter. It doesn’t matter at all. Now let’s just for a second pretend you be the other sex. Then pretend you are a historical character in that sex. Now dance according to the thalam and raagam, keeping in mind the body language, conveyance of emotions, actions, facial expressions and the stance. It’s a challenge right there. I like that challenge. I especially like it coz it’s a character role and if one does it well, the audience takes home an etched memory of the persona in the drama. Sure, that seems like a thirst for acceptance, appreciation bordering on selfishness, but hey, an artform without a proper audience is just sad and unfair.

For exactly the same reasons and more I like playing the dark roles. Playing negative has a charm, like a simmering fire waiting to achieve its potential. Remember the Joker in Dark Knight?

In any case, for ones who have been following this countdown for various reasons, and the ones who have whined on the lack of better posts – Thank you for bearing with me, we are now officially done. As in the posting will not continue tirelessly. An occasional post on the whole issue would be okay I hope?

For the ones who’ve helped me with tips, advice, and encouragement, couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you!

For the ones who’ve gained a little something ot of it, let me give you the truth. If I can do it, you can do it. I work a fairly stressful job 6 hours a day for a living, drive up and down 22 miles, come home take care of whatever my three children need wrt food, activities, cook dinner everyday of the week (yes, everyday) and manage to head to the gym while watching what I eat.

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

At the risk of sounding pompous, and sermonizing to you, I speak out of experience when I say:

Time is what we make of it. If you want something enough, the time to make it happen presents itself. If a person continues to complain of “no time” I read it as “no inclination”. That IS the only interpretation I can arrive at, especially considering the fact that I have been there. I of course understand each person’s life is different and I should not be judging others’ lives, but truly, when you step outside of your shoes and scrutinize your day and life, you’d understand what I mean, maybe not agree, but understand you will.

I was lazy and laid back even after I had my first born. My parents are astonished every time they see me going through the motions. They visit us almost every other year, so it isn’t new every time, but the reaction and the incredulous empathy speaks for itself.  Sometimes I wish I was half this energetic, or even driven in a sub-conscious manner, 20 years ago. My life would have taken a different route altogether. Not that I don’t like where I am, just would have been; different.

Tomorrow’s husband’s birthday. I guess my smile should do as a gift as I’d be busy being a man elsewhere :-)


21 thoughts on “finale

  1. “…like a simmering fire waiting to achieve its potential.”

    Very true, and finely put :)

    As for the no time = no inclination, all I can say is *ouch* :)

    Good luck tomorrow, girl. I hope the new camera knows what it has to do. Rather I hope you know what to do once it has done its job :P

    Do write about the performance once you’re over the high :)


  2. Ashwin: There’s a saying out here. “If you want something done, give it to the busiest person and the task will be done.” :)

    Vijay: hahaha, thanks Vijay! You know you’ve helped more than that :)

    gauri: lol, sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sound preachy. One should want it bad enough. Then all’s good. :)
    I tried taking pictures yesterday, but just got a couple of good ones. Though I can’t put them up as the faces are too clear. Today will be chaotic backstage, but I’ll see :)

    Adithya: Thanks! Wait, what did you ask for? :\

    La Vida Loca: Thank you so much girl for the pep words through the days. I knowwwww! :)

    Sajni: lol, hehe, so I do sound like a “wise” old geezer eh? :p

    Naren: Hi-5! :D

  3. Rads!! Sweeet! Now the bigger question is are you going to keep with the work out and eat consciously to maintain the weight and the loss in inches. ;–)
    Maintaining is a hard deal too! :–))

    And good luck with the performance!

  4. No, no, wasn’t preachy at all! I ouched because I’ve said that to friends on many an occasion, but this time it was totally applicable to me :0.

    You’d be opening quite a few pairs of eyes, if you ask me – I know you opened one :)


  5. CW: ha, thanks. Maybe not my face, but body did :p

    bookworm: Thanks girl. After awhile I am guessing it gets to become a habit.. :)

    Schemtterling: Yea, went well. I didn’t forget anything and I didn’t mess up, that means it went well :)

    Saagar: Sure, it’s do-able, just make sure you did it the right way. Good luck! :)

    Nandini: O am sure you’d be just fine! hehe, to be a man, it’s isn’t padding, but more like “flattening” :p

    SK: Very valid question. :)
    I imagine the diet’s become a habit now, and I am enjoying the gym times too, so let’s see.
    How’s your crusade coming along? :)

  6. good job! but its a known fact tt gettng the lbs dwn is easy whn compared to tryn to “maintain” tt !! so continue w/ whatever u did & good luck if u’re plannin on maintaining what u’ve achieved!

  7. Congrats Rads….
    Job Well done and really well inspired everyone around you.
    Even I lost 3 lbs. But have a long way to go though….

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