drumroll pls

After 15.5 months on WordPress, here are some numbers I’d like to celebrate as well (read: brag-moment). Couldn’t let the moment pass without mentioning it. (

100,000 views Since September 07.


…and then somewhere while I was counting down different kind of numbers, this one crept up on me!

407 posts in 3 years.


It’s really all a silly game, and am just cheering myself before I head out and kill me at the gym. Laters people! :)

14 thoughts on “drumroll pls

  1. I noted all the 9s yesterday or day before and badly wanted to comment about it but didn’t..:)

    Congrats on the big milestone:) & on the diet plan as well, i shall vicariously diet through u.

  2. Congratulations !! May your blog see 1000 posts now. There is a song in Hindi…
    Tum jiyo hazaaron saal.. meaning you live thousands of years… replace years by posts in your case.

    And your dieting is going great guns. Keep it up.

  3. cuckoo: hehe@song!! Thank you! Hope I stay on it, I kinda get bored easy :\

    Naren: lol. oh yes, that’s a sure fact alright! :)

    stitha: Just write more “kissing” posts :P

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