36 days


  1. Warm water 
  2. 1/2 cup of spirutein + banana + 1% milk 
  3. 1/2 cup of coffee
  4. 6 baby carrots with hummus 
  5. 1 cup of rice + 1 cup spinach + 3 baby eggplants + yogurt 
  6. 2nd glass of water 
  7. 3rd glass of water 
  8. 1/2 cup of desi chai 
  9. 4th glass of water 
  10. 5th glass of water 
  11. 1 wheat tortilla (trader joe’s habanero) 
  12. Carrot + cucumber salad 
  13. 6th glass of water 

I finally relented and created an account at Mycaloriecounter.com after gazing at it for the past few weeks and knowing that I already had an account rotting at DailyPlate. It’s a bit tedious entering everything down and now that I’ve started it here, it just means double the jotting down and keeping track. As long as it pays off, I shouldn’t be complaining, and the site’s nice in breaking it down for you in cute little graphs etc, so will stick with it and see how I keep up.

Like for example: 

Cute eh?!

Thanks SK for nudging me into it!  :) So, after tediously entering in all what I’ve eaten and being slightly generous about it, the counter tells me I’ve consumed 773 calories. It looks very wrong to me, as I am q sure it must have added up more than that. ugh. 

Anyways, moving on. Despite trying to head to the gym since 3 pm after a flurry of AM activities, it kept getting postponed by various chores and I finally landed at 7.20 pm. The place could very well have closed, not a soul was in, and appropriately I was informed that they’d be closing at 8. Great! So in any case did the 2 mile bike at 15.25 minutes, elliptical for 7 minutes, and only a few machines. 

There were flurries outside and I actually am feeling a little good about myself that I feel no lethargy or debate on choice of not heading to workout. This winter is colder than usual and with the knee still swollen, my usual tendency would have been to just cuddle in. Either way, I deserve a pat, don’t you think?  So here it goes *pat pat* ;-) 

As far as how I feel? There are changes, and I shall wait till weigh-in to get into them.

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