37 days


  1. 1st glass of warm water
  2. Smoothie – 1% milk with Spiru-tein + banana
  3. Hazelnut coffee
  4. Nibbled on All Bakers granola – oats, etc
  5. 2nd glass of water
  6. 3rd glass of water
  7. Chipotle – Veggie Fajita in a bowl. 
  8. 4th glass of water
  9. Peach flavored green tea
  10. 5th glass of water 
  11. soup + crackers 
  12. 6th glass of water 
  13. 1/4 cup rice + eggplant curry + yogurt 
  14. 7th glass of water 


Gym, bike, elliptical and weights. Feels awesomely good after just one Pilates session. It’s like someone’s wrung me out and stretched me without any folds and wrinkles. I mean, all the folds and wrinkles are all very much in place, just that I don’t feel them anymore! In fact when I breathe in hard, I can feel the sides ache. It’s a good ache :) 

I have a strange feeling I’ve lost an inch or so around. weight’s stuck the same :(


One thought on “37 days

  1. Working out is a great feeling that I realized last summer. More than a month left. Adhukula weight’s stuck the same it seems! Porumai :p

    I am also wondering why Daniela Bianchi is a possible related post to this!

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