44 days


1. 1st glass of warm water
2. Coffee
3. 2nd glass of water
4. 10 baby carrots with hummus
5. 3rd glass of water
6. 4th glass of water
7. Green tea with mint – tastes ew
8. 1/2 cup of fried rice
9. 5th glass of water
10. 6th glass of water
11. 1/2 cup of tam rice
12. 7th glass of water
13. 8th glass of water
14. 1/2 bowl of bhel
15. 9th glass of water

Did abs and leg stretches in the morning. The knee is ridiculously swollen. Walking around hurt today, and by evening, I was dragging my foot. It’s too cold even inside the house for me to ice it. One would think with the temps so low, that should alone do the job of reducing inflammation. I must have in my over-enthusiasm used the knee more than I should have. Perhaps biking a mile alone for 10 minutes should do with increased resistance, than going at it like the dogs were after me. *sigh.

It’s disheartening. I have always had high BMR, and hence never really cared for what I ate. Not that I ate buckets of fat/cheese/carbs, but it wasn’t a ration per se. I knew I could burn them all up, eventually. I keep busy and I’ve always had my average lifestyle ( kids, home and stuff to do) to fall back on. With the stretches and biking, all I hope is to strengthen the thigh muscles and the ones around enough to be support my week knee. It hardly qualifies as aerobics. Now that my inability to exercise has shoved its mocking face in front of me, am forced to look at other options in the interim. Just until I am able to do a konga japam pose or a nataraja pose and not fall off on my face or my butt.

As disappointed as I am, I am not giving up. I just won’t. I am throwing those 10 lbs off my back (not to be taken literally) no matter what! :|


6 thoughts on “44 days

  1. Praveen: I am. I just have to keep pushing with stretches..

    stitha: haha, already they think I am a little cuckoo tho’ :)

    La Vida: Not losing heart, but it IS upsetting…

  2. Yeah, we have jasmine tea at work and I’ve tried it. It’s just a strange feeling like I am drinking ‘mallipoo’ :| Trying to work on developing the taste. The choices are humungo tho’..

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