48 days

Since this whole goal/countdown post was taken at approximately 1 pm this afternoon, am not responsible for what I threw down in the AM (which amounts to the top 5 on the list)


  1. Coffee with 1% milk, splenda.
  2. Whole wheat sandwich with almond butter spread and jelly. (of all days, I started breakfast today!)
  3. Hot chocolate (water no cream)
  4. 5 pieces of bagel crisps with hummus.
  5. 1 cup of leftover pulav
  6. 1 whole wheat sandwich with mint chutney spread, cucumber and tomato
  7. Coffee with 1% milk, splenda
  8. 2 rotis and chick peas curry.
  9. 1 clementine

7 glasses of water.

4 sets of 10 reps of abs.
1 long cycle of 10 reps each of 6 exercises for the knee.

Thought I could go for a 15 minute walk, but it’s unbearably cold and windy. Will just do the bike at work tomorrow on instead.

Note: I didn’t say I’d starve. Hunger brings out the beast in me, and it ain’t any fun. I believe in moderation and I believe even more in exercise and weights. More burning than eating should help, but then we’ll see. I am a whole 5 years older than when I lost the last time easily. BMR’s a finicky thing.


9 thoughts on “48 days

  1. Praveen: It’s a balance, I didn’t say am gonna starve.

    Doc: er, I decided mid-way thru’ the day. Abstinence is just not my cup o tea. will do on veggies. :)

    stitha: Thanks, but it’s really do-able you know. :)

    la vida: Thank you girl :)

  2. bookworm: oh yes! heh, the guy’s mansion was a hot topic discussion last weekend. Pls do ask, and ask loudly when everyone’s there, so I’ll be forced to have some progress! ;-)

    Naren: I do eat oatmeal for breakfast.

    Dinesh: Planning’s the best part :)

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