secret note

Dear you,

Okay, don’t tell a soul, but there’s a new fable at my new place. Yeah. I posted the weekend before – the fable 20 – and linked it. It’s at the same place. I hope you bookmarked it or subscribed or at least vaguely remembered where they are all tucked away. So please could you go on over and read it?

See you there. Shhhhh!!!


what? what?? you donno where it is? *gasp* arghh.. you can’t expect me to keep linking every time do you? I mean, the whole purpose of me moving them out is well giving them a space they deserve etc, but also a few other reasons on how I am actually shielding and protecting from, okay, can’t tell coz then that would be like me actually tom-tom-ing the whole secret out, but you get the point?

alright, if you still needed a clue/hint, then here it is.

“these words” – translate them into a language I know (apart from English of course!), and there’s your blog url. now that you’re gonna spend some time and crack it and hop on over there, be sure to let me know you’ve reached there.

You asking ‘why’? Coz how else would I know silly? :)

14 thoughts on “secret note

  1. whaaat! i come here after this long and hav a cryptic clue waiting for me!

    I tried the url in telugu.. didnt work… now which other language! :(

    If its tamil or hindi i might be at a loss of words!!

  2. Adithya: You think so? :\ See, whencut was at a loss.

    In any case, it looks like it would eventually get buried slowly *sigh..

    Whencut: I hope you read the comments that come ‘moderated” to you. :)

  3. rads, pourqoui? Why are you making people who hate clicking even once click twice? I don’t understand the shielding/protecting part. Is it because you want this blog to be PG-13?
    P.S. All this angst is because I don’t know how to subscribe.

  4. terri:

    i tried and and got a bunch of pop-ups – i guess either french is not the language or what you wrote does not match what she wrote!

    – s.b.

  5. s.b., at this rate, you’ll end up in a porn site. Rads had posted the URL only last week on her blog. I can’t find it now, so I’m really curious who she’s shielding and protecting.

  6. terri:

    your mom has more languages in common with rads than i do. she should be able to crack the code. have you asked her yet?

    – s.b.

  7. hello!

    You just need to know what “tool” to use. And if the person knows Rads well enough, it is just a couple of tries. And even if they don’t, the brute force method is not so bad.

    Easy only.


    I didn’t use brute force. :P

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