equine epiphany

When I was growing up and refusing to study just a bit more harder, my mother would give me a earful on how it will eventually be the bane of me. How I was being stupid and not listening to her and how I would regret it in days to come, when it will be too late to turn the clock, and how I was selling myself short. My dad would follow albeit gentler.

Then they would resign their daughter’s fate to a saying in telugu.

Translating, it meant “You can take the horse up to the water, but you can’t make it drink.” , and then there was something about how “Stubborn egoists are stronger than the king.”

I understood vaguely in context. Smaller picture.

As I go through life, in different stages, and the various smaller aspects of it, these two sayings keep coming back to haunt me. No, not because of the regrets I will carry to my grave one day, but more of the people around me, and how these words do come into play in teh subtlest of ways. Perhaps it’s more on our application of these sayings, laws and epiphanies. Perhaps it is our own visions that are clouded to want to slot them under various excuses. Life is just a whole lot easier once there’s a reason for the misgivings, shortcomings, and irritants that we almost always trap ourselves into.

The reason can be an excuse. The excuse need not even make sense, but as long as there is an explanation for the behavior or shortcoming, however dumb an excuse it may be, people are satisfied.

Humans are gullible that way.

The problem arises when a person can see through the hoax.

Humans are smart that way.

So yes, if the horse is not thirsty, and does not want the water, then you may cajole it, be stern with it, shout at it, threaten it, sing to it, dance to its tune, jump hoops, feed it, or even light yourself on fire. The horse will not budge.

Humans are very similar to horses that way.

Stubborn egoistic humans with blinders on, however, are like the horse’s cousin that way.


11 thoughts on “equine epiphany

  1. I’ve also been honored with ‘Blowing a conch to a deaf person’! My mom loved using adages tacitly pointing to our mistakes, as kids. She still does and yet, we don’t learn. :-/ The horse sure is thirsty, but it seems to be distracted by something else and is trying to find out what it is.

    LOL @ Praveen’s comment. True, very true!

  2. Baph: Yeah.

    Stitha: Right. Not knowing a good thing when you see it is dumb if you ask me.

    Praveen: hehe, yea. If we do, it will gallop away. :p

    Akshaya: :-)

    mlc: Actually no, my kids are better than I was their age. No thanks to me :)

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