everyone has an

Opinion! We aren’t to be outdone either. 

After watching yesterday’s veep debate, the more serious interesting things one can gather, I shall leave for the more serious interesting folks to seriously form interesting opinions. In the meanwhile I present you the opinions (very focused only on Palin) at our household at the end of the evening. 

Husband: I told you she plays to the camera. Though I imagine she didn’t help McCain as much as Biden helped Obama. 

Me: (flippant and ever focusing on the mundane as usual): Why does she wink so much? It’s like she has Marcus Gunn winking syndrome. 

Daughter: She speaks well, but isn’t she having more Democratic opinions and is in fact supporting them? (after gasping enough times through Palin’s statements)

Son: Oh man, now she makes Obama look very experienced. Why do people make this so easy? Though personally, I don’t want to see her as the President. I mean, McCain’s 72 after all mom. 

Munchkin: Who is she mommy? She looks just like my brown (haired) barbie. (yanking a dishevelled suit wearing barbie from her bin)

With that we kissed each other goodnight and stomped upstairs to call it a day.

12 thoughts on “everyone has an

  1. I had 2 interesting opinions.

    1. Palin’s Dentist is really good. Either that or she has a good tooth brush.

    2. Boy the analysts Points were way off from one another!

    She did wink a bit! Is she trying to entice the young males?

  2. well i can’t support your post-a-day abhiyaan even if it is for a good cause. I just cant get myself to write a post that is less than 500 words.

    aur itsty witsy posts humare blog ko shobha nahin dete.(hmm know any women called shobha?)

    but then I will comment twice on every post of yours!

    well since i cant write anythin that is not R-Rated about Ms.Palin(insert dirty humor here), I wrote this instead…

    PS: it’s friday morning and I am not makin any sense I see…

  3. max: LOL. Friday morning, we ought make more sense no? Ah, see that’s for normal folks who do a ‘tgif’ thingy, but you the man lurves your work no? :P
    Great, 2 comments a day – thank you! *this is fun!*
    lol@palin. I can laugh too you know :p

    Dinesh: The woman’s been on the ramp. Of course she takes care of herself. My 4 year old thought she looked like Barbie. Go figure!
    Wink would entice all males if she was racing something else. Though that would be a sad day if a wink was all it took to become a veep.
    *note to self: should work on winks henceforth*

  4. Palin has added so much glam to the post of veep! Besides that she tends to explain Obamas stand than support McCain!
    I missed the veep debate too! I was thinking I’d get to practice my sadistic laugh watching her getting roasted by Biden! But then again I dont suppose he had to do much other than say… “People of America, thank you for watching… I have nothing much to add after Guv Palin has declared her unanimous support to the democrats!” Jai America.. Jai Liberty maata!

  5. Your kids know so much about politics? may be I shall take my lessons from them,

    Meanwhile, the only thing I noticed was how her jawlines or teeth never move when Sarah Palin speaks. Her teeth for some reason reminded of old people’s pall set. I also wonder why nobody hasn’t dsicussed this very important point.

  6. max: no no, he’s 12. These kids are tuned quite a bit. Take part in something called Model UN. It’s a program modeled after UN, they debate and stuff on real world issues. They pick up.

    sachita: well, they are learning. Actually, I donno as much either. :\

    lol@pall set. Yeah, maybe she has too, who knows! ;)

    baph: She is fun :)

    whencut: lol, yea, wish there was some fire though, was a little boring.

  7. I’ve been unable to keep up with the one post a day schedule. Last night I was forced, at gunpoint, to party with some old friends. Tonight…. unless someone kidnaps me. I’m envying your loquacity. And enjoying it too.


  8. naren: It’s okay. Partying with old friends beats siting at home and blogging :)
    Loquacious eh? :)

    Stitha: lol, none taken. Fat is the word. Got ways to go :)

  9. rads:

    “Me: (flippant and ever focusing on the mundane as usual): Why does she wink so much?”

    mccain is 72 and blinks (watch him carefully next debate). palin is only 1/2 mccain in age, so she winks ;-).

    – s.b.

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