changing times

After twiddling my thumbs and doing other useless things that one does when one is stuck at home feeling preppy, cheery and full of energy but forced to limp around the house, I decided it was time I took matters into my own hands. By that I mean, in a slow-mo defining moment, with violins strumming in the background, I reached out and held the car keys in my hand.

The joy that they radiated through the veins would require a separate post in itself. Such is the moment, that adding it on to what am writing would just adulterate it filling it with complete disrespect. Nossir, we can’t do that now can we?

Moving on, any of the images below can best describe me at different points in time over the last 15 years.

A cautious and careful driver

A cautious and careful driver

Scray Crazy Mad Driver

Scray Crazy Mad Driver

Well, as in temperature hot. Not the other kind. *sniff

Temperature hot most definitely!

Okay, an extra kid and animals don't count.

Okay, an extra kid and animals don't count!

My usual avatar, juggling a few different dreams

My usual avatar, juggling a few different dreams

Oh, okay, I let that slip in. A girl can dream you know!

Oh, okay, I let that slip in. A girl can dream you know!

This is accurate me.

This is accurate me.

Today, after I hauled my still sore right leg into our Honda Odyssey that the husband has generously let me use, and took it for a spin in the neighborhood, I feel like this:



Driving at:

This is what am reduced to now.


But hey, it’s surely time to say:




18 thoughts on “changing times

  1. I agree, look at the bright side – even though you may feel like that picture, at least you are not at the point where you have to remove your teeth before climbing into bed. :p

  2. Priya: aw! I love the joy you show. *hug

    Dipali: hehe, I donno! I need to be put on a leash, ok, tied down, or better yet, hve a zapper attached to my leg. Everytime I over do it, it would zap me down ;-)

    whencut: hehe, I am I am. Ice+ElecStim kinda completes the cutting off senses btw!

    sb: OMG, I suck! I royally suck at that. :|
    It’s a good think I don’t drive with my fingers :p

    bpsk: You are a charm aren’t you? Always keeping me on track, seeing the glass half full and making sure I chug it down too :P

  3. Hi,
    I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog but your style of writing is great. You have an art with weaving words and making it vivid and expressive. Also your writing is pretty mature in it’s style.
    A very small minus is sometimes your posts get too long that one needs to be patient not to skip through here and there. Otherwise most of them are gripping and I read it in a breath and smile satisfied :-)

  4. Max: Even when I think about “hot mama” I get a different picture, no way resembling the one in the mirror. That’s why I clarified.
    Then again, an old mommy can dream too rt? ;-)

    Deepa: That’s so nice of you! Thank you, now I know my day’s going to be nice :)

    Totally agree, Ive been digging through archives, and that’s exactly what I have felt too. That was a good critique. Will work on that :)

    Stitha: hehe, is Monday soon enough? ;-p

  5. Naren: What’s sooper? Me feeling old (maybe pregnant, acc to doc here!) or the fact that I am driving at 3 mph, or the fact that I had a jpeg loaded post? :p

    Doc: Really now? Seriously? :p
    But then again, you are the doc, what do I know!? I just pop babies out whenever my fancy pleases! ;-)

  6. LOL @ ..I let that slip in. A girl can dream you know!

    so glad you still managed to see the humor in the situation..yippy yayyy alright!!

    take care :D here’s to a speedy recovery so you can be back to your perky speedy self on the road! *hugs*

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