have vote?

The daughter has a persuasive brochure for you. A submission for her Civics class.

Am extremely envious of her grade. As part of their curriculum they are right up there studying current political scenarios playing out, the candidates and their respective stands on what would work and what wouldn’t as much as their 13 year old fragile brains can comprehend.

Then they’d go fight it out during class as they debate and take their stands for and against each candidate.

So who’s feeling frustrated about what’s happening at Washington DC ?

A little upset you can’t have a say in where you are headed?

Back and front of the brochure

Outside of the brochure

Inside the Brochure

Inside the Brochure

ps: I drew Lady Liberty. I thought I’d make her smiling and happy, daughter refused to accept it and then both of us together made a mess of it. Now she looks like she’s badly scarred and could use some heavy duty work!! *sigh

15 thoughts on “have vote?

  1. Baph: LOL! :))

    Adithya: Daughter did. Thanks :)

    Stitha: Ah no, gifted is stretching it.:)
    Oath is what we take when we get sworn in and then thrust a national flag in our hand.

    Archana: I know ;)

    La Vida: Perfect! The one who taught you that must be a nice person :)

    Altoid: Good luck lady, though you don’t really need it. Haven’t heard of anyone failing the interview :)

  2. Dinesh: O I donno, maybe it’s coz we are getting rid of someone at DC soon? :p

    Pavan: Nah, it’s good. Kada?!

    Max: That’s the best part about the school system here. :)

  3. If that’s what Lady Liberty’s happy about, then she should be grinning with all her teeth showing, with both hands in the air and wearing a party hat that says ‘Freedom, to be. Azadi duniya ki’! The date on the tablet she holds should also be changed from July 4, 1776 to the date when Dubya man gets kicked out of the White House! But, apparently that’s not the reason for her smile!

  4. I’ve never read the oath before, interesting! The school system here is really nice and the activities they organize are soo much fun kadaa, but its also a lot more work for the parents I guess :) mee creativity kuda bayatapaduthundi :P
    Those new random profile pics look funny, can’t wait to see what I get :D

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