365 days

Sep 8th 2008, marks a year. It’s been a year since I moved to wordpress, and what a year it’s been! The posts, readers (you lose some, you gain some more), comments have grown upwards at a steady rate. Much better than anyone’s portfolio’s looking these days! hehe.

Breaking up – That’s how I left blogger and moved here. That post triggers some bitter-sweet memories of the person I was and perhaps am still too now. Who knows. Who cares. There’s no place else to look but ahead, that’s probably the reason why our eyes are situated up front in humans and not on the sides like our bovine cousins. Right? :)

3 years, 346 posts and 5,030 comments later, I continue to feel blogging’s been a blessing in many ways.

Here’s to more! Thanks to all those who contributed!

To the future! :)

12 thoughts on “365 days

  1. I was there. Way way back, even in blogspot. When in India. Used to blog hop from Schmetterling, Baliga I guess. Delurked only earlier this year. And glad.


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