Cartilage Tear. Swellings. Arthroscopy. General anesthesia.

Crutches. Physical therapy. 4-6 weeks recovery.

Fall. Schools. Work. Deadlines. Drive. Goals.

A cold scare.

MRI? No piercings Ma’am. What? but.. but.. No Ma’am. It’s a magnet. It’s going to yank it off.

Lost. Little indulgences. Shots of courage fluid into drops of pain, shattered glass.

August. Crap. Loads of it. Heights.

responsibilities, wishes, dreams and to-do’s.

to manage it all.

A cold scare.

Friday. 2 weeks ago. Could it get any worse?

April-May. Can it get any worse?

Jan-Feb. Can it get any worse?

Holidays. Bright lights, cold, snow. More twinkles than there are. Water in the eyes.

Refractions and Reflections.

A journey down a dark road. 4 more months. Hold on tight.

It can’t get any worse than this.

It won’t.

Can’t afford it.

8 thoughts on “disjointed

  1. Imagine this is a movie. I am the gay friend standing in front of you. The scene –

    Baphie slaps Rads on the face and shouts, “Snap out of it.” There’s a moment of intense gravity. And then we smile and talk about cute men.

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