august 15

Last year I was hugely excited about I-day. No idea why, but I am quite sure it was the then readers and the camaraderie that surrounded me at that time. I went on and on about dressing in tricolors and I ultimately did too.

Last year was good, in many ways. There was new friendships, excitement, discovery, new beginnings, learning new stuff, just positively vibrant in many ways. Just thinking back brings a smile back on my face.

In any case, this year things are different. I feel older. Maybe even tired. Unexpected demons crept up on me and it has taken a toll on my mind and body. The soul trudges on strong as ever I hope. This I-day around, as always I feel proud as ever for being an Indian. Lots of good stuff happening around, one doesn’t have to look far or hard to find reasons to belong.

For example: At work, there was a presentation that demanded each International representative in the company to talk about certain relevant issues back in their home country and compare it with situation in US. I felt so good talking about what India had to offer. There were the sore points, but there was so much relevance that as I spoke my voice rang out clear and loud. Ive always spoken okay, but this apparently stood out with the big guns enough to want them to prompt me to do one more next month. Yay? Yes, yay. In a small way, I thought I made India proud as much as I was proud of it. I do have to thank Vijay for helping me with some background information, definitely provided more input and value to what I presented.

This 15th also happens to be Varalakshmi Vratam. I try and do it every year. Some years turn out fancier than some, but it’s something I don’t like to miss. A tradition worth saving. So took the day off, as mom’s here as well, and just figured there was no point rushing through the days.

Not sure if I’d dress the tricolors, but sure would be a true desi at heart all day. :)

I feel cautious optimism. There is relief in the air and I am beginning to feel more myself. A smile on my face and the heart’s lighter. Would my friends reading this say a small prayer for me? I could use some just about now. :)

Alright! Happy Independance day folks. So tell me, what did you guys do? Anything at all to mark the day? Feel anything? Anyone sing/watch/play any of the songs? What’s your favorite? I totally cry buckets when Lata sings “Aye mere watan ke logon” . *sigh. (skip to past 3.30 if you’d like in the video)

ye Mere Vatan Ke Logon
zara Aankh Mein Bhar Lo Paani
jo Shaheed Hue Hain Unki
zara Yaad Karo Qurbaani

And ladies, anyone do the vratam/nombu? Or did you just go hog some sundal at someone’s place? That works too, I totally love the sundals. Any kind. And boy, are there kinds. I know Altoid’s coming over to help herself!

(and o, an interesting piece of useless info: After House MD, which is an all-time referrer for folks in Eurasia to land here, this week ‘varalakshmi’ has scaled some huge numbers. Very impressive considering so many religious pious ladies google and then what happens? They land here only to read my depressing fables, the poor things! *sigh)

Happy weekend everyone :)

19 thoughts on “august 15

  1. I had bought nothing for the vratam today and decided to get the stuff after work yesterday evening. The moment i reached home it started raining heavily. I decided to do the puja next friday. About independence day, nothing special.

  2. Happy Independence day…

    Feeling old huh? Ho come on… We are all always 18 :-)

    I wished everyone arnd here for India day (as its known here). yeah my office doesnt look like one in US at all

    For Nombu, Im waiting someone will give me sundal… Lets hope I get it :-)

  3. Adithya: Sure thing, just hope it reaches you in a condition that’s edible :P
    Lovely song that :)

    Dinesh: You too! :)

    CM-Chap: Of course we are! Can’t believe I wrote that :\

    Boosmom: Sure, some of my friends are doing it next week as well. We had t-storms yesterday too.

    Shyam: Yeah! :)

    Praveen: You are living it up aren’t you? :)

  4. did the vratham this morning..realised at 11 last night that I didn’t have a coconut..made a run to the 24 hr grocery store near home..woke up this morning all set to perform the poojai listening to a followed google link…couldn’t follow the vadhyar who performed the poojai at lightning speed, started the hunt for downloaded CD from last year, started the poojai only to have 4 year old turn off the CD player not once, twice but 3 times :) finally everything went off ok…

    and yes, happy indy day!

  5. We used the auspicious occasion to feed CB his first solid food. Not bhel, though. Nor kabab, either. Rice cereal. :-(

    Speaking of google hits on the “varalakshmi” phrase, this link
    says that the puja is celebrated on the last Friday of the Adi month. I didn’t realize Hindus had festivals tagged to days of the week; I thought they were all based on the lunar/solar calendar and so could fall into any day of the week.

  6. A year has passed since the last time I said – lookit you, saffron skirt and green shoes. I have no green shoes. And then I went and promptly bought a pair of green heels. A year, Rads. A year. A whole year. 12 months. I simply refuse to believe it. I feel like I live in a slow-mo time bubble.

  7. Schmetterling: I know :) A year. It’s hard to digest, last summer was so much fun. Impressionable too :)

    Mystic: :)

    BPSK: That’s not good. I mean, chota bhel needs to be free for some more time without the solids! Last I heard, it’s 6 months of milk diet?

    Not sure about Adi friday, but it is the 2nd friday in month of Shravan.

    atgc: LOL. You sound like me! Scattered all over and coming through victorious – just like in the cartoons :D

  8. WT: lol, adu seri :P

    nrsl: aw, no worries. Just say a quick prayer this Friday. All done. God’s around all the time, and all it takes is a minute or two to focus. :)

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